How Red Bull uses Social Media as the key platform to build its brand

Jul 18, 2014

You might have heard about the great social media campaigning that Red Bull does but did you know social media is accountable for almost the company’s entire brand building. The company with some mind-blowing PR stunts thrown in for good measure on distinguished social media sites wonderfully illustrates that how if leveraged well social media can work wonders. Let’s have a sneak peek to how they make it happen.



Main Facebook page gets updated 2 times in a day with the image of red bull can.


36 million Facebook likes on the red bull main page



• Red bull has a dedicated feeds for all its different events and Projects.
• It has events and project as, including Red Bull Stratos, Racing, Crashed Ice, Studios and Gaming


• The official Red Bull account has just over 900,000 followers.
• Links with image and video are most likely to get tweeted and retweeted.
• Brand was searched for @redbull on twitter thousands of times per day in number of different language.

Google Plus


• Page is updated once per day.
• Several content is repurposed from Facebook and it attract several hundred +1s and tens of comments.


• Red Bull’s main account has 1.5m followers.

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The Take-aways

• Identify with how people use the social channels
• Having a good strategy is not just making a plan sheet, it is knowing your objective, knowing your audience, understanding the different social channels so you pick the ones that align with your objective and audience, creating content that’s relevant to: your audience, social channel, and your objective, measuring the effectiveness of your efforts, making necessary changes and a lot more
• Be authentic
• Don’t complicate things, keep it simple and natural

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