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7 Strong Tips to Boost Your ROI with Marketing Analytics

Jul 4, 2017

One goal businesses try to improve Y-O-Y is marketing return on investment (ROI). To help improve ROI, businesses can outline, define, highlight and monitor their campaigns to define the direct effects of each approach. After all, ROI is the key factor of whether marketing efforts have been successful or not. Here are 7 powerful practices […]


New Google Analytics Home Screen Now Available to Users

Jun 21, 2017

The new Google Analytics home screen is now available to 50% of all users and the update has been confirmed by a Google Analytics Product Manager, Ajay Nainani‏. Google testing the new home screen design was spotted earlier this year and now, the change has finally arrived here to stay. The new home screen has […]


9 Analytics Tools You Need To Track Your Visitors

Jun 19, 2017

The purpose of Web Analytics is to understand and optimize Web usage. Web Analytics is used to measure the traffic of your website. It can be used as a tool to access and improve the effectiveness of a website. It can also provide the information about the number of visitors and page views. To help […]


[INFOGRAPHIC]- Improve Your Conversion Rate with Google Analytics

Jan 17, 2017

Google Analytics is a great tool on the internet that provides actionable data that can be used to upsurge website traffic and increase conversion rates. It also provides insight of the basic visits; page views and bounce rates. 80 percent of online retailers are using Google Analytics incorrectly. The majority of people unclear on what […]