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10 Techniques to Boost Blog Post Conversion Rates…..


Does your blog post get pretty decent traffic but you fail to turn these visitors into customers? We use Content marketing to build business results. These results signified by some form of conversion- generally an email subscriber, but sometimes a lead or a customer as well. So, here is a question how to maximize the […]


24 Powerful Strategies to Create Wonderful Blog Posts


Are you an established blogger or in the process? Every blogger, naïve or experienced, looks for maximum returns from their ideas. But, the efforts can go in vain and expectations can get shattered if you don’t think about how to strategize your blog posts. This phenomenal post is going to let you know some superb […]


10 Platforms to get ready for Influencer Marketing


YouTube influencers help you achieve your business goals more quickly and more easily. This doesn’t mean you should go only with influencer marketing, but do consider it as an important part of your marketing strategies. Now, you would be looking to search them out, then take the help of the following tools- 1) Scrunch Scrunch is […]


7 Influencer Marketing Mistakes Ruining Your Campaigns


Influencer marketing has become a hot trend and is in every marketer’s wishlist. With the influencer marketing strategy, companies/brands find it convenient to optimize the social space. Social media influencers can help share your brand message to a broader, yet personalized audience. Yet, there are a couple of mistakes marketers keep on making while doing […]


7 Things to be Hyper-Aware of B2B Influencer Marketing


Do you know 67% of marketers believe that influencer marketing campaigns help them reach a more targeted audience? Also, 61% of consumers rely on social media as the most important source of information when shopping and brands get 11x higher ROI through influencer marketing than traditional marketing methods. So, what do these facts and figures […]


9 About Us Pages that are surprisingly Powerful


A website is quite valuable product today and even more vital are their different web pages. About us is one of them ensuring you are driving customers to your dashboard easily and successfully. There would be billions of websites with their About Us available on the internet, but how many of them are scoring and […]


5 Google Penalty Checker tools To Save You


Every business owner, blogger, or marketer has a story about getting a penalty by Google. It causes a sudden drop in your search ranking or even your site will no longer be listed on search results. When you get Google penalty, your audience can’t find you and so, your traffic and revenue see thrash. Has […]


Twitter to Hide Negative Tweets in Search Results


Are you finding negative tweets in your search results? No need to worry now as Twitter is going to filter all negative tweets shown in search results. The Twitter algorithms that rank tweets will be checking negative tweets that include below-mentioned factors- Tweets that are sent by accounts with unconfirmed email addresses. The multiple accounts […]


7 Ways to Use Images in Ad Retargeting Campaigns


Do you think your ad retargeting images are good, but not getting the expected results? You can make images for retargeting the advert, but what more important here is to knowing the ways to use them in ads. When you’re looking for the success of ad retargeting campaign images, there are several factors like audience […]


[Infographic]- 11 Steps To Reach Out To B2B Leads


B2B companies will prove that leads are the backbone of their businesses, as leads help companies find prospects, increase revenue, and complete business goals. Sales outreach is as important as the process of closing a sale itself. If you don’t reach out to leads, you won’t be able to make any new sales. Here in […]


Top 11 Mobile Ad Networks in 2018


Have you heard about ad networks before? And, don’t know what these mobile ad networks do? A mobile ad network is being used by advertisers for generating sales and leads for their products/services by placing their ads on a mobile app provided by publishers. These ad networks can help you quickly monetize your mobile advertising […]


DSIM’s Top 51 Digital Marketing Blogs


Web is diverse and brings information quickly to you. Similarly, you will find loads of blogs on the internet which can be accessed in no time, but which one is useful for you in order to create or promote your blog as well as adding new concepts and strategies to enhance their conversion rates. Here […]


5 Tools Every Entrepreneur Should Know About


In the world of marketing, it appears there are always new tools, tips, tricks, and trends to discover and integrate into your marketing strategy. Thanks to the tools available, you can share together a stable marketing strategy without a huge marketing budget. To help marketers save time and get more done, we’ve listed 5 tools […]


6 Rules to ensure your Landing Page Success


When you are advertising your website for business aspects, there are certain things that matter a lot and landing pages are surely one of them. Landing pages are widely used for marketing activities as they offer a great return. Surely, there would be some hidden worth in making landing pages effective and get the desired […]


10 Free Places You Can Create Your Brand Logo


Why branding is important? Because it helps you present a strong, solid image to customers. And, a unique, creative logo works superbly towards that. To create a logo, it’s not needed to be a design expert as there are numerous resources available letting you design it for free and even, allow you to download it […]


7 Quick Tricks to Drive Traffic to Your Blog


Creating superior pieces of content is not anymore a hidden game. Many do it; publishing superb content every day on the web. They curate them perfectly without loopholes, but even after doing everything, WHY THEY LACK IN GETTING TRAFFIC? Yes, you can become a blogger and continue with writing, but creating a mere piece of […]


Weekly Wrap-up from Digital Marketing World


Hi There. How’re your marketing strategies performing lately? Need to get some new going… or dive in and get your first ones up? If the answer is yes, check out this week’s weekly wrap-up that just got published on DSIM’s blog: See the posts here- 1) Infographic Leadpages vs. Instapage If you want to build beautiful, high-converting landing pages […]


Google Chrome Now Blocks Pop up Ads


On Thursday, Google updated its browser, Google Chrome, so that it bans annoying ads as a matter of course on mobile devices and desktop computers. With advertising becoming more & more interfering in recent years, it has driven web users to install ad-blocking software to avert full-page pop-ups, blaring video pitches. At the point, when […]

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