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9 Best Practices for Successful Pinterest Marketing

Jul 21, 2017

Pinterest has become an important platform for many businesses that share visually compelling content with their highly engaged audiences. It is an excellent way to promote your brand and drive traffic to your business. It’s powerful advertising platform drive s performance marketing through the concept of share & idea finding. Here are 9 Pinterest advertising best practices to make sure […]


13 Selected Apps You Need To Do Your Sales Tasks

May 23, 2017

Apps and tools have become important parts of our daily lives and businesses. In sales department, it’s not surprising that representatives keep on running from meeting to meeting or on the road ready to deliver their next presentation. With this busy schedule, it’s essential that you have access to your sale systems at all times. […]


Facebook Makes 5 Changes To Video Metrics

May 2, 2017

With users now watching more than 100 million hours of video every day, better video metrics have become significant for marketers and businesses on Facebook. And, so, Facebook is rolling out five changes to video metrics in Page Insights, including a couple new metrics and changing the way others are measured. Here are the five […]


How to do Mobile Keyword Research in 2017

Apr 5, 2017

Have you given a thought to the term mobile keywords? If not, then it is the right time that you start considering it. While planning and executing a marketing campaign it’s important to keep the mobile keywords separate from the desktop keywords. In recent years, we have made a quick move towards a mobile-first world. […]


12 inspiring blog homepages you need to visit now

Mar 31, 2017

Your homepage works as a virtual front door, if your visitors don’t like it, then they are most likely to step back, as the bitter truth is most of the people still judge the book by its cover. Your blog’s homepage is undoubtedly the most important element on your website, as you never get a […]


9 Prime Metrics to Track Your Marketing Performance

Mar 23, 2017

 “Measurement is the first step that leads to control and, eventually, to improvement”. Measuring your marketing success is must to get to know the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. While measuring the success of your marketing campaign you should consider metrics, as it provides deep insights into your performance. Metrics are the best indicator to […]


6 Promising Tools to Trap Business Growth In 2017

Mar 16, 2017

Working towards taking your business to the next level? You actually need a lot of efforts, yet cannot skip over the importance of marketing tools as these aid you achieve planning goals faster. These specific set of tools are needed to make sure that your business is running smoothly and you are getting the desired […]


5 Underused Strategies to Improve Customer Retention

Feb 11, 2017

While you are busy growing your customer base it’s important to not to forget the value customer retention offers because the key to growing is to acquire new ones and keep the existing ones. So, if you want to save yourself from the situation where you are on a hamster wheel, sweating hard but not […]


22 Magical Places To Stop Over & Publish Your Blog Posts

Feb 3, 2017

Do you work day and night to write high quality but unable to reach your target audience? Then, you need to review your content marketing strategy to find out the loop holes. To make sure that your writing efforts do not go unnoticed, you need to emphasize on your content marketing. Marketing the content on […]



Nov 14, 2016

7 Tricks to improve Facebook ads conversion Liked it…? Why not share it…? Share0 Share +10 Tweet0 Share0 Leave a comment below, We read every comment Learn more on how to market a business online with digital marketing. Click here to attend 3 hours free training seminar Want to become a Google certified digital marketer? […]


11 Marketing Campaigns That Became Viral Hits

Nov 5, 2016

As an advertiser it’s imperative to give yourself a chance to be enlivened by others. The stream holds inventiveness, uniqueness and brand-new ideas, owing credit to startling individuals who dreamed them up. To handle your need of marketing revive, here we have incorporated few of the advertising efforts that became viral hits resounding with the […]


[INFOGRAPHIC]- The History and Evolution of Digital Marketing

Oct 25, 2016

The Internet and digital media have reformed marketing and business since the first website ( went live in 1990. There are over three billion people around the world frequently using the web to find products, services, and entertainment. Take a look back at how the industry has evolved and what digital marketing means today.


17 Tantalizing Stats About Salesforce

Oct 15, 2016

1) Number of Salesforce customers: 150,000 2) Number of Salesforce employees: 20,000 3) SalesForce’s CRM market share: 19.7% 4) Salesforce revenue for Q1 FY2017: $1.92 billion 5) Percentage of Salesforce revenue that comes from Sales Cloud sales: 41% 6) Percentage of Salesforce revenue that comes from Service Cloud sales: 31% 7) Percentage of Salesforce revenue […]


7 Apps To Enrich Your Productivity

Oct 13, 2016

Who wouldn’t like to become somewhat additional productive and efficient at times? The convenient little add-ons in form of apps on our smartphones make our lives simpler; doing essentially anything we can think of. We have listed few selected apps that empower us to play out our tasks better and provide us with the capacity […]


7 Twitter Tips to Improve Your Twitter Marketing

Oct 13, 2016

Marketers using ‘Twitter’ to market their brand continue considering how to bring enhanced results further. At the point when attempting to promote a brand using Twitter, one typically needs to deal with the couple of things to make it work. Getting clicks, retweets, and spread implies that a brand’s name and message is spread to […]


Words You Should Avoid While Writing Emails

Oct 8, 2016

Writing great emails is a significant aspect that chooses marketing success as communicating the core message of your brand’s product/service. Even when sending an email informally, to get your mail read and responded quickly, you need to take care of e-mail writing etiquettes. Considering the little points of interest can have a major effect. An […]


Top 10 Hilarious Indian TV Ads

Oct 14, 2014

Advertising helps you generate brand awareness for your business by attracting, holding, and focusing attention and when it comes to attention, nothing can work better than humor in getting that. Here are top 10 hilarious Indian TV ads that would always be etched in your mind and stay in reminisces even if you watch it […]


10 Things You Didn’t Know You Can Do With Google Now

Sep 24, 2014

Google Now is an intelligent personal assistant developed by Google. It is available within the Google Search mobile application for the Android and iOS operating systems, as well as the Google Chrome web browser on personal computers.

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