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Digital Marketing Tool of the Week: Lander


Lander: “Landing Page Designer” Lander, world’s leading landing page creator allows you to create an unlimited number of landing pages. Managing visual elements in the editor is performed via a simple Drag & Drop interface. The tool is apt for businesses of any size. It offers abundant training videos and so, you can easily master […]


Digital Marketing Tool of the Week: Vivaldi


Vivaldi: “A Personalized Web Browser” Vivaldi web browser is a newcomer in a crowded market though powerful & promising. It is a freeware, cross-platform web browser developed by Vivaldi Technologies, a company founded by Opera Software co-founder and former CEO Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner and Tatsuki Tomita. It offers a plenty of features and aims […]


Digital Marketing Tool of the Week: Qwaya


Qwaya: “Facebook Ad Manager” Qwaya is a powerful and affordable tool to optimize your Facebook and Instagram Marketing.  Know the details Qwaya is a Facebook and Instagram ads management tool for professionals. It is a great tool for managing your Facebook ads if you are planning to run A/B tests and has a power-editor like […]


Digital Marketing Tool of the Week: Sociograph


Sociograph: “Analytics for Facebook Groups and Pages” Sociograph is a Facebook Groups and Pages analytics tool that can help you identify your post performance and also to get detailed analytic insights. What it offers? With the Activity Graph feature, you can look at your community’s overall activity over the course of a year, month or […]


Digital Marketing Tool of the Week: KAPOST


KAPOST: “Content Curation” Kapost is a platform that takes into account every step of the content marketing series. At Kapost, it combines world-class software with expert services to build several critical capabilities, so that users can focus on creating content that drives your business forward. Know the details Within Kapost, you can come up with […]


MailChimp vs. AWeber


There are several email marketing tools available with great benefits & features. And, it gets difficult to choose any one. Here, in this post, DSIM is reviewing two of the best email marketing software presently available, MailChimp vs. AWeber. Marketers planning to begin might get confused with which provider should they choose? Both are brilliant options […]


Digital Marketing Tool of the Week: AdMob by Google


AdMob by Google: “Google’s advertising platform for Mobile app monetization” Know the details AdMob, Google’s advertising platform is for promoting and monetizing mobile applications. Using it, application developers can promote their applications through in-app ads and monetize their applications by enabling in-app advertising. It also provides intelligent insights through Google Analytics. Whether you have a free […]


Digital Marketing Tool of the Week: “Clearbit Connect”


Clearbit Connect “Connect” by Clearbit is a chrome plug-in for Gmail which makes it easy to get in touch with anyone, right from your inbox. You simply need to type the name of the company (You can also find the best contact and search by name, job title, or role) you are trying to contact […]


Zoho CRM vs. Salesforce


At present, CRM software has quickly become one of the most exemplary business tools in the market as helping businesses store customer data, track sales and service activities, forecast revenue, and measure the efficacy of marketing programs. Yes, absolutely, all at one place with most of the ease & convenience. And, so here in this […]


Digital Marketing Tool of the Week: “HubSpot’s Free CRM”


What tools do you use to get your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) work done? Is it a great tool or can you use it for free? Here is your answer; HubSpot’s Free CRM, one of the best CRM tools loaded with features and information. HubSpot’s Free CRM   HubSpot CRM makes it easy to organize, […]


Digital Marketing Tool of the Week: “Facebook Page Insights”


Are you trying to build your online and mobile presence? Additionally, looking for best ways to communicate with customers? No matter what your goals are on Facebook, your Page Insights will definitely help you to understand who among your audience is most engaged with your Page. And, so we have featured here Facebook Page Insights […]


Hootsuite vs. Buffer


There are a lot of Social Media Management tools available and it’s always difficult for marketers to make out and choose the one best meeting their requirements. Along these lines, here, we have compared two of the most popular Social Media Management tools Hootsuite vs. Buffer on the basis of systems, pricing, features, and integrations. […]


Digital Marketing Tool of the Week: Magisto


Magisto: ‘Video editing tool’ Magisto is a smart video editing tool that lets you make outstanding social videos in minutes. It uses artificial intelligence to sync video to music and apply an editing style. Know the details To use this app, you simply need to upload your movie clips and music to it. It can […]


Digital Marketing Tool of the Week: Qzzr


‘Qzzr’ is a simple online quiz tool that allows users get better leads, improved engagement, and more revenue. Details Qzzr is a web-based quiz creation tool which can be used by marketers, companies, publishers, and agencies to generate leads, increase social engagement, and present targeted offers to visitors based on their quiz answers. Quizzes can […]


Digital Marketing Tool of the Week: Crowd Tangle


Crowd Tangle is a free app that gives you information about people sharing your content. The strategy works well for reaching out to your audience and building deeper relationships. Know the details You can choose from viral alerts, trending digests, automated internal social reports or a Slackbot to stay on top of the information that’s most […]


Digital Marketing Tool of the Week: Braze


Braze: Growth Marketing Automation & Mobile Marketing CRM   Braze  is an engagement platform that empowers growth by helping marketing teams to build customer loyalty through mobile, Omni channel customer experiences. Know the details Braze moves across channels to bring messaging experiences to life. It offers enterprise-grade solutions empower the world’s best with engaging ways to […]


Digital Marketing Tool of the Week: Adobe Analytics


Adobe Analytics is an industry-leading solution that empowers users to understand their customers as people, what they want, need, and believe. It helps users discover their most valuable customer segments and use these insights to steer their entire business with customer intelligence. Features Improve your customer experience Access advanced segmentation Curate customized workflows and reports […]


Digital Marketing Tool of the Week: Exit Bee


Exit Bee: “For Recovering Lost Visitors” Exit Bee turns your lost visitors into customers based on behavioral analysis and creates personalized campaigns and increases sales and conversions. It’s a tool that lets you increase your sales, conversions, email subscriptions and engagement and take your brand’s revenue to the next level. How it works? Tracks and […]

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