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Digital Marketing Tool of the week: ‘Narrow’

Jan 12, 2017

‘Narrow’ is a recommended tool for Twitter Growth Automation. To say it in simpler words, users who wish to earn more & more followers every month can make it big using this tool. Though, results depend upon the industry and the relevancy of the keywords used. How does Narrow work? To find your target audience […]


Digital Marketing Tool of the week: ‘TweetDis’

Jan 4, 2017

‘’TweetDis’ is a simple WordPress Plugin that helps you create tweetable quotes, making your readers tweet more often. How it works? TweetDis is a WordPress plugin that shows a floating “call-to-action” above the piece of text you choose. You can put these calls to actions in your article and enthuse your readers to tweet that […]


Digital Marketing tool of the week: ‘SEO Site Checkup’

Dec 21, 2016

Making Search Engine Optimization easy, SEO Site Checkup software helps you perform the complete analysis of your website’s SEO and underlining the issues provides solutions for fixing those. As SEO has different needs, it has various powerful tools which: Do the complete investigation of a website Give you a detailed report on your site’s performance […]


Digital Marketing tool of the week: ‘DesignMantic’

Dec 14, 2016

DesignMantic; a free logo design software has become a big thing amongst users in search of an extensive range of creative design services. The do-it-yourself design workplace built with HTML5 helps you perform the task in the fastest and easiest way possible, both on desktop and mobile devices. What it is? The software helps you […]


Digital Marketing tool of the week: ‘BuzzStream’

Nov 30, 2016

‘BuzzStream’ is an outreach and link building CRM software that has been designed for marketers to help them conduct outreach activities with a tailored relationship building tactic. With the service, marketers can find influencers to have content shared and linked by the right audience. What it has? The platform helps you to do Digital PR […]


Digital Marketing tool of the week: ‘AllAPPPRESS’

Nov 23, 2016

‘ALLAPPPRESS’ is a web service that helps you create optimized mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms using your websites. Integrated with powerful API, this mobile app creator tool helps you bring the transformation in real time & conveniently and allows you edit or modify your apps as well. What it is? With the help […]


Digital Marketing Tool of the Week: TrendSpottr

Nov 16, 2016

TrendSpottr is a real-time trend intelligence platform that forecasts emerging content, influencers and trends for any topic or interest. The service is used expansively by brands, organizations and advertisers to advance rising trends over the social web. What it has? TrendSpottr is a web service which has tools to help businesses discover the timely and […]


Digital Marketing Tool of the Week: Bulk Buffer

Nov 9, 2016

Bulk Buffer for Bulk Uploading to Buffer The tool works as an extension to one’s Buffer account (a tool used to perform content scheduling to share on social media channels) and is used for uploading updates to it. It can be also easily integrated with other third-party platform & apps. What it is? It brings […]


Digital Marketing Tool of the Week: OPTIMIZELY

Nov 3, 2016

Optimizely for A/B testing of Landing Pages  The Optimizely platform technology offers businesses the capacity to direct A/B testing, in which two versions of a page are compared for performance. It performs multivariate testing and also supports personalization which is used for making data-driven decisions. What it is? ‘Optimizely’ is among the most popular tools […]


Digital Marketing Tool of the Week: Piktochart

Oct 26, 2016

Looking for online design tool to make superb infographics for the web, ‘Piktochart’ is your right pick. What it is? Piktochart is an easy –to-use online tool used to form beautiful, excellent quality infographics, presentation, reports and posters, habitually and quickly. The tool consists of functional improvement and requires almost no exertion and gives you […]


Digital Marketing Tool of the Week: Headline Analyzer

Oct 19, 2016

Marketers frequently invest a chunk of time messing with the headlines. To get the solution for your battle to locate the right title for your finest post, whether it rocks or sucks, ‘Headline Analyzer’ works as a magic tool. What it is? The Headline Analyzer is a free tool by CoSchedule that evaluates; scores and […]