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Digital Marketing Tool of the Week: Magisto


Magisto: ‘Video editing tool’ Magisto is a smart video editing tool that lets you make outstanding social videos in minutes. It uses artificial intelligence to sync video to music and apply an editing style. Know the details To use this app, you simply need to upload your movie clips and music to it. It can […]


Digital Marketing Tool of the Week: Qzzr


‘Qzzr’ is a simple online quiz tool that allows users get better leads, improved engagement, and more revenue. Details Qzzr is a web-based quiz creation tool which can be used by marketers, companies, publishers, and agencies to generate leads, increase social engagement, and present targeted offers to visitors based on their quiz answers. Quizzes can […]


Digital Marketing Tool of the Week: Crowd Tangle


Crowd Tangle is a free app that gives you information about people sharing your content. The strategy works well for reaching out to your audience and building deeper relationships. Know the details You can choose from viral alerts, trending digests, automated internal social reports or a Slackbot to stay on top of the information that’s most […]


Digital Marketing Tool of the Week: Braze


Braze: Growth Marketing Automation & Mobile Marketing CRM   Braze  is an engagement platform that empowers growth by helping marketing teams to build customer loyalty through mobile, Omni channel customer experiences. Know the details Braze moves across channels to bring messaging experiences to life. It offers enterprise-grade solutions empower the world’s best with engaging ways to […]


Digital Marketing Tool of the Week: Adobe Analytics


Adobe Analytics is an industry-leading solution that empowers users to understand their customers as people, what they want, need, and believe. It helps users discover their most valuable customer segments and use these insights to steer their entire business with customer intelligence. Features Improve your customer experience Access advanced segmentation Curate customized workflows and reports […]


Digital Marketing Tool of the Week: Exit Bee


Exit Bee: “For Recovering Lost Visitors” Exit Bee turns your lost visitors into customers based on behavioral analysis and creates personalized campaigns and increases sales and conversions. It’s a tool that lets you increase your sales, conversions, email subscriptions and engagement and take your brand’s revenue to the next level. How it works? Tracks and […]


Digital Marketing Tool of the Week: Pipedrive


Pipedrive: “CRM & Pipeline Management” Pipedrive is a CRM & pipeline management tool that helps users focus on actions that matter. It is the most simple and an effective sale tool and easily integrates with Google Calendar, Google Contacts, and other Google apps and other third-party business systems. Know the details Pipedrive, a leader in […]


Digital Marketing Tool of the Week: Animoto


Animoto: “Visual Design” Whether you are trying to make your first slideshow or first video, Animoto is a great tool to use. It’s really fantastic to use and can make anybody a video creator. Know the details Animoto is the ideal tool helping you create videos that perform well on Facebook and other social platforms. […]


Digital Marketing Tool of the Week: Wyng


Wyng: “An engagement marketing platform” Wyng as a platform empowers every marketer and helps them garner engagement via user-generated content, hashtag campaigns, referral programs, quizzes, contests and more. The service pays attention towards transforming the way that global brands engage and convert today’s mobile and social consumers. Additionally, it boasts a built-in analytics dashboard that […]


Digital Marketing Tool of the Week: Pitchbox


Pitchbox: “Influencer Outreach & Content Marketing Platform” Pitchbox is an Influencer Outreach & Content Marketing Platform for brands, digital marketing agencies and growth hackers. It automates the grunt work of marketing & PR and so, users can focus on what they can do the best amongst all. Know the details ‘Pitchbox’ is an effective tool that […]


Digital Marketing Tool of the Week: ReTargeter


ReTargeter: “Display Advertising”   ReTargeter is a diverse tool that allows users to reach their audience, no matter where they are with highly targeted, real-time digital advertising solutions and the best account management in the industry. It uses site retargeting, search retargeting and dynamic retargeting. Know the details ReTargeter has full-service display advertising solutions to […]


Digital Marketing Tool of the Week: Uberflip


“Uberflip” is a cloud-based platform that empowers B2B marketers to create personalized content experiences at scale. Know the details As a marketer, Using Uberflip, you can leverage your content marketing efforts day-to-day. It helps you control content on your site, in marketing campaigns, and enable sales. Also, helps you personalize content at scale. It further […]


Digital Marketing Tool of the Week: MeetEdgar


MeetEdgar: “Social Media Posting” ‘MeetEdgar’ is the one of the most effective social media management tools you can use to double your traffic by automatically resharing your content. Yes, you simply build up a library of your tested social posts that get scheduled according to your desires. This is the idea’ social media scheduling tool […]


Digital Marketing Tool of the Week: Workplace by Facebook


‘Workplace by Facebook’ is a mobile and web app that aims to keep the team members connected. The service was earlier called ‘Facebook Work’ and offers features like Facebook Groups, Facebook Messenger, built-in audio and video calling, and access to the social network’s profiles, Events, and Live video tools. Know the details ‘Workplace’ includes News […]


Digital Marketing Tool of the Week: Buffer for Video


Buffer for Video: “To upload, schedule and share Videos”   ‘Buffer for Video’ is an automation tool to help you upload, schedule and share all your video content from one place. Know the details Buffer for Video is the first product to empower native video scheduling to all the big social media networks. You have to […]


Digital Marketing Tool of the Week: WordStream Advisor


WordStream Advisor: “Online Advertising Software” WordStream Advisor is a suite of online marketing and advertising tools helping you get better results. You can create, optimize, manage, and measure high-performing paid search and paid social campaigns in just 20 minutes a week. Smart tools, weekly alerts, and visually stunning reports are accessible within the platform to […]


Digital Marketing Tool of the Week: Tableau


Tableau: “A data-visualization tool” Tableau is amongst the best business intelligence (BI) software that helps companies visualize and understand their data. It gives users the ability to perform data visualization in an intuitive, drag and drop manner. Know the details Tableau is somewhat a low-cost solution and because of its effortlessness in use and ability to […]


Digital Marketing Tool of the Week: Driftrock


‘Driftrock’: Lifecycle social advertising Driftrock is a marketing technology platform to help you acquire, nurture and convert leads from social ads. This is done by connecting into 1st party databases for advanced targeting and lifecycle marketing. Know the details  With Driftrock, engage with your customers throughout the entire customer lifecycle, from lead to purchase and beyond. […]

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