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Digital Marketing Tool of the Week: UserTesting

Jul 21, 2017

UserTesting: “User-testing tool for any budget” UserTesting is one of the best and most simple tools to record users’ response. It helps you get videos of people speaking their thoughts when using your websites, mobile apps, prototypes and more. How to use it? You pick your exact interest group and then, dole out this client […]


20 Powerful Digital Marketing Tools to use in 2017

Jul 14, 2017

When it comes to marketing, there are plenty of awesome tools. You can have your choice of tools whether doing content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, search or anything else. But the sheer number of available tools leaves you puzzled enough to decide from where to start. And, so to help you, we’ve compiled […]


Digital Marketing Tool of the Week: Google Consumer Barometer

Jul 13, 2017

“Google’s free global market research/planning tool”   The Consumer Barometer is a free tool to help you understand how people use the Internet across the world. Using this tool, you get industry specific data to help inform your marketing decisions. Know the details This tool is a rich consumer research resource; simply an asset to […]


Digital Marketing Tool of the Week: Linkody

Jul 7, 2017

“Linkody”- Backlink Analysis Tool   With Linkody’s backlink monitoring software, you can find, monitor and analyze your valuable backlinks 24/7. Know the details Linkody enables you to track and monitor backlinks effectively. Linkody is an automatic backlink checker which keeps you updated by giving you information about backlinks emailed directly so that it helps in completion […]


Digital Marketing Tool of the Week: Simply Measured

Jun 28, 2017

Simply Measured– “Full-Funnel Social Analytics”   In quest of Social Intelligence to reach the right people; looking for insights to help you create better content; want to learn how to win new business and impress clients? With Simply Measured, you can do all of these. It is a social media analytics platform that simplifies end-to-end analysis […]


Digital Marketing Tool of the Week: ClickMeter

Jun 21, 2017

ClickMeter– “Affiliate Software” ClickMeter is a great tool that enables affiliates and many others to monitor, compare and optimize all their online marketing campaigns. Know the details Your one-stop shop for link tracking, Ad tracking and link management! You can do several things using this tool such as creating campaign, tracking link, link rotator, conversion […]


Digital Marketing Tool of the Week: Ambassador

Jun 15, 2017

Ambassador: ‘Referral Software’ Ambassador is one of the powerful, yet flexible tech-enabled software, companies can use to run referral, affiliate, partner, influencer and advocate programs. Know the details Ambassador is a powerful marketing tool designed for modern brands. It is a referral marketing platform that helps you to target your potential customers with an effective approach. […]


Digital Marketing Tool of the Week: ReviewPush

Jun 8, 2017

“ReviewPush”: An Online Review Management Tool Designed for businesses big or small, ReviewPush offers a simple and effective solution for all your online review management needs. What is it?  It is an online subscription solution for businesses (both single and multiple locations) that undertakes abridging review management for improvement of brand reputation. Watch the video here! […]


Digital Marketing Tool of the Week: Woopra

Jun 1, 2017

‘Woopra’: An advanced user-tracking software service ‘Woopra’ as a service allow you to know & understand your customers broadly by monitoring their activities within websites, apps, emails, and more. It offers customer profiles, real-time analytics, as well as real-time notifications. Know the details Humanizing the digital customer journey in an easy and affordable way, the platform […]


Digital Marketing Tool of the Week: Toutapp

May 24, 2017

Toutapp: A single sales platform for all your needs What is it? ToutApp is the leading provider of sales software that helps sales teams streamline communications to close more deals. Its robust email tracking, templates and analytics help sales teams increase overall engagement throughout the sales process.  Recently, the app has been acquired by Marketo, […]


Digital Marketing Tool of the Week: Google Tag Manager

May 17, 2017

Google Tag Manager is a free tag management system that allows you to quickly and easily update tags and code snippets on your website or mobile app, intended for traffic analysis and marketing optimization. Know the details Individuals who need to track a lot of stuff on their website as having a lot of codes […]


Digital Marketing Tool of the Week: Stillio

May 11, 2017

 Stillio: Capture website screenshots automatically Stillio is a web service that offers automatic daily screenshots of web pages. Great for Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), SEO and website archiving! Know the details Stillio lets you automatically grab full screenshots of any web page you want. Just add URLs, screenshot size, frequency and location and let Stillio take […]


Digital Marketing Tool of the Week: Headreach

May 3, 2017

Headreach: A simple prospecting tool for marketers Know the details An online prospecting tool designed to assist sales, marketing, and data research people get important business contacts. This is possibly the fastest way to find targeted leads with their real emails, social profiles, and contextual data right inside the app. How it works? The procedure can […]


Digital Marketing Tool of the Week: Dribbble

Apr 27, 2017

‘Dribbble’: A designer portfolio website Dribble is a place or you can say the best tool to show and tell, promote, discover and explore design. It works as a go-to resource for discovering and connecting with designers around the globe; for inspiration and feedback and also for practicing and improving skills. Know the details Here, […]


Digital Marketing Tool of the Week: Flatpack

Apr 20, 2017

Flatpack: Drag & drop landing page designer Flatpack is a drag and drop landing page designer. With the tool, you can create a great landing page promptly. Know the details FLATPACK is the biggest HTML Marketing Landing Pages Pack that includes +26 entirely different Landing Pages Layouts. It also has a Page Builder that allows […]


Digital Marketing Tool of the Week: LinkedIn Lead Gen Form

Apr 12, 2017

In recent times, LinkedIn was in the news for introducing a new tool ‘Lead Gen Form‘, to help marketers collect quality leads using the platform. The use Its aim is to drive high-quality leads from Sponsored Content campaigns, as it removes conversion barrier on mobile devices of filling out forms. The effort is to fix […]


Digital Marketing Tool of the Week: AdEspresso

Apr 5, 2017

AdEspresso: Automatic Facebook Ads Optimization The easiest tool to manage and optimize your Facebook Advertising Campaigns. From design to testing to analysis, everything is possible using this SaaS platform. It has four core components— A campaign builder Split Testing An analytics tool Optimization Know the details When you run Facebook Ads, you have three options: […]


Digital Marketing Tool of the Week: FB Pixel Helper

Mar 31, 2017

The Facebook Pixel Helper is a free Chrome browser extension/troubleshooting tool that helps you validate your Facebook pixel implementation. Using the Facebook Pixel Helper you can: Verify that pixels are working properly Troubleshoot common errors Learn how to improve performance What is Facebook Pixel? For advertisers who are serious about Facebook Advertising find it of […]

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