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5 Tactics for Getting More Exposure to Your Videos


There are two important things in video marketing, one is making and another is exposure. Even though you’ve an amazing video, but are unable to fetch to the required number of people, then review your strategy. In this article, you’ll find 5 ways to get more and more exposure to your videos. 1) Pick the […]


40 Marketing Blogs That Accept Guest Posts


Guest posting is an opportunity to increase traffic, grow your online audience, target new audience and build a relationship with other influencers. In addition, you will improve your writing skills and understanding of the subject. But finding the right place to submit your content can be tricky. Here, in the article, we have listed a […]


5 Time Tracking Tools to Improve Your Productivity


Do you use time tracking tools to improve employee productivity??? Time tracking tools help you to improve your productivity, avoid waste of company time for personal reasons, help in employees planning and allocation, track project progress, manage client billing and more. These tools are used by large companies, small and medium businesses, startups, and even […]


5 Tips to Rank Better in Personalized Search


Google has been focusing on search personalization with a great intent in recent years. The idea has come to give a better search experience to every individual. Why shouldn’t? When an individual is different, the preferences would be different too. So, why Google is trying to enhance search personalization and what are the factors needed […]


6 Tools Newly Arrived For You


Looking to manage your projects or want to share your files efficiently or trying to enhance communication inside your organization? Get your requirements fulfilled with below-mentioned tools which are the best in their categories. Have a look at them- Communication 1. Yammer Yammer is a tool cum private social network meant to help employees communicate across […]


29 Major Digital Marketing Updates in May 2018


Here’s our recap of news & updates in online marketing in May 2018, as reported on DSIM and other places across the web- Google 1) Google Brings ‘Optimize’ Integration to New AdWords Experience Google’s latest edition to the new AdWords experience is integration with Optimize, the company’s visual editor for landing pages. Optimize and AdWords integration […]


5 Hottest Bing Ads Releases You Shouldn’t Miss


The Bing Ads platform has a ton to offer, including numerous great new features. These features not only help you be unbeaten, also stir you give increased attention to Bing Ads. In this post, we will talk about 5 new Bing Ads releases to enable you to keep your campaigns advanced and running effortlessly. Here […]


Digital Marketing Updates- March 2018


Digital Marketing industry moves rapidly and so, it becomes important to keep an eye on the news that really matters. See this detailed article covering Major Digital Marketing News & Updates from March 2018. 1) Google’s Search app for iOS has been updated Google’s Search app for iOS got updated with three new features. One of […]


9 Easy-to-Use Online Writing Tools for Better Content


Content occupies an important place in digital space. Therefore, there are lots of published content on the internet and few more would be on the way. Since everyone understands the importance of the content and is involved in preparing “the best”, how would you go ahead of your competitors? Well, it’s important to create content […]


5 Best Ways to Use Live Video for Product Launch


Using live videos for brand promotion and service marketing is not anymore a hidden technique. It’s much in practice nowadays, in particular by small businesses. So, why using live videos for areas has gone viral? The answer is quite simple; it’s the quickest way to interact with your existing and targeted audiences, helping you gain […]


Digital Marketing Updates – February 2018


Do we need to spend hours to stay up-to-date with digital marketing happenings? Is this the only way to keep us up to speed on what’s new in the digital space? Definitely not!  Here, we have brought 2018 February Digital Marketing news updates; to keep you current amid your everyday job, all at one place. […]


3 Major Google Ranking Insights In 2018


Do you want a deeper understanding how Google decides where to rank your website? Need to know the ranking factors you need to consider when working on your SEO? Google is very secretive when it comes to their ranking algorithm. It uses over 200 ranking factors to rank a website. There’s a lot to take […]


Digital Marketing Updates from January 2018


The January month of the New Year 2018 was loaded with many changes and announcements from the digital marketing world. How about we see some of the foremost digital Marketing updates from Jan, 2018; let’s move ahead: 1) Google’s new Search Console opens to all Jan8, 2018, Google announced rolling out its new Search Console to […]


47 Most Popular Articles DSIM featured in 2017


As the year end has arrived, we’ve decided to take a look back at some of DSIM’s most-read articles throughout the year 2017. And, so have presented here the 47 most popular articles DSIM featured this year; browse the list:  1. 4 Super-Useful AdWords Features You Can’t Afford To Miss Google has released several new AdWords […]


8 Biggest Digital Marketing Trends for 2018


It’s December now and with 2018 right around the corner, marketers are likely attempting to deal with manage planning their digital marketing strategy for next year. It’s not very late to address and plan for it and so, we have discussed here the biggest marketing trends to be seen in the next year i.e. 2018. […]


67 Top Marketing Resources [FREE]


1) 10 Advanced SEO Techniques to Master in 2017 Right now, you might be possibly thinking, “How to identify the SEO techniques that actually work for your website or blog?” An article focused on the 10 major SEO techniques! 2) 7 Tricks to Improve Facebook Ads Conversion 7 useful tricks you can greatly improve your Facebook ads […]


11 Tools All Successful Digital Agencies Should Share


We all are using tools to make our professional lives work easier. These are effectively accessible, reasonable and enable us to work more productively, gain insights, analytics or make reporting much more simple and easy. For digital agency, tools are lifeline as performing their extensive tasks i.e. collecting all data, organizing it, creating charts and […]


10 Marketing Research Tools You Always Wanted To Know


In today’s world, market research is essential to you and your brand’s continuing success. From product design to customer service needs, evaluating what’s happening outside of your four walls is essential for your roadmap. And, understanding your audience is one of the keys to success with marketing. Because the market is in a constant state […]

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