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6 Tools You Need To Send Killer Drip Emails

Jul 18, 2017

Emails are crazy and fill in as a great way to reach potential customers, giving them the right information at the right time. And, now, it’s time to find the best working drip email tool for you, to send out emails automatically on a schedule. There are many and here you can find in some […]


15 Unusual Ways to Make Your Sales Emails Stand Out

Jun 14, 2017

Email is the major form of communication for salespeople. As per studies, on an average a B2B buyer gets over 100 emails a day, opens 23% of them, and clicks through only 2%. So, if you want to crush it in sales and drive conversions, you’d better need to be a top-notch emailer. Here are […]


6 Ways You can Get a Better Email Response Rate

May 13, 2017

Despite all of the hype and attention on social media, the email marketing is still not dead. Email marketing is one of the most affordable and effective ways to constantly engage customers and prospects. Email marketers are continuously looking for ways to Improve email response rates, testing and trying out every method to boost ROI […]


6 Email Subject Lines You Need To Copy Now

Apr 26, 2017

Email is one of your best networks for staying in touch with and engaging customers. Marketers need high open rates ability email subject lines that their subscribers simply can’t repel. In this post, we’ll share 6 best email subject line examples proven to boost the email open rates. Each email subject line in this list […]


10 Tools You Need to Manage Inbox Like a Pro

Apr 6, 2017

Managing your inbox is important! Email is important, equally is sifting through what isn’t important in your inbox as it saves you from nonstop interruptions. Many of us get barraged by new emails on normal basis and it’s stressful to know that we may pass up on the truly important stuff in the midst of […]


5 Email Marketing Clichés Destroying Your Sales

Mar 24, 2017

Are you leaning on the crutch of clichés? Using the overused phrases mindlessly? This could be the important reason you are not able to generate sales from your email marketing campaign. By using these overly used phrases you pollute the inbox of your prospects who could be turned into your valuable customers, if you would […]


7 Email Marketing Twists to double your Business Revenue

Mar 20, 2017

21st century has provided you lot of mediums for promoting your business. But, when we think of a channel which brings the most intense results for marketers, then it is undoubtedly email marketing. According to TechCrunch, “Gmail has over one billion active users as of February 2016”. You must already be using email marketing to market […]


8 Toxic Reasons Making Your Email Subscribers Leave

Mar 2, 2017

Your email subscribers are opting out? Have you looked for the reasons? The reasons why you are losing your email subscribers are not hard to discern. You need to be aware of your customer choices and interests and then, send them the mails which are relevant to them. More than 205 billion emails are sent […]


11 Lead Nurturing Email Examples you’ll want to Copy

Feb 10, 2017

Do you have leads which haven’t yet turned into sales? You can nurture those leads into sales by winning their trust through effective emails. In lead nurturing you stay connected with the email addresses you have collected as leads until they are ready to buy. Emails which work the best for conversion are never too […]


Email Marketing in 2017: What to stop; What to start?

Jan 18, 2017

With time Email Marketing is getting difficult & difficult as here you need to convey your tone to the receivers. Email Marketing is a personal way of reaching your target customers and therefore, becomes a powerful tool. Yet, what could be the purpose? It is simple; to cheer your audience to engage with your brand […]


10 Email Marketing Trends to Watch in 2017

Dec 17, 2016

The success of email marketing has been trending upwards for years and it will continue to do so. And, as we look forward to another year ahead, it is the right time to take a fresh look at emerging marketing trends. The trends within email marketing have been constantly evolving and statistics say this: 2015: […]


9 Secrets of Successful Email Marketers

Nov 3, 2016

E-mail marketing being proclaimed equable and resourced has turned into a driving force behind content and vital to marketing strategies. Alluding to the developing reception of this responsive technique boosting conversion rates, we have taken a dive into few facts to help marketers to make the most of the opportunity. 1) The key time to […]


9 of the Best Email Marketing Tools that you should know

Oct 20, 2016

Sending and receiving emails have turned into a part of today’s corporate life and majority of us are accustomed with the popular app like Gmail/Outlook. These work prodigiously for sending one-off messages to people and smaller groups. But for larger lists and planned sends, marketers need another choice, something that makes it as simple to […]


5 Ways E-mail Marketing Can Help You Increase Business Revenue

Nov 27, 2014

Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing tools for it is a very highly targeted advertising approach. In this type of marketing audiences by opting in to receive emails have given you consent to send them emails. Besides, the cost of sending a single email is almost negligible when compared to cost involved […]


Why Mobile Email Optimization Has Become So Crucial For Your Business

Sep 2, 2014

How many times has it happened that you actually have to squint your eyes to make out the words in the email on your phone and you have finally deleted the message? I know you know it that not all of those emails are spammy or unpersonalized but their poor compatibility with mobile forced you […]


Why Your Business Cannot Do Without E-mail Marketing

Aug 5, 2014

Email marketing is associated with a plethora of benefits that we are going to discuss in detail in this article but one of the most compelling reasons to use email marketing is its return on investment (ROI). A recent study found that email marketing brings in about $40 for every $1 you spend, which is […]


What Is Email Marketing, Its Importance, Challenges Faced And Much More…

May 8, 2014

Email marketing is marketing a commercial message directly to the people using emails. It is one of the most effective marketing tools for it is a very highly targeted advertising approach. In this type of marketing audiences by opting in to receive emails have given you consent to send them emails. Besides, the cost of […]

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