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How to Make an Instagram Story That Will Stand Out?


Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms today. Individuals, brands, and influencers use the platform on a daily basis. The Instagram stories feature is popular with all types of users. Making your story stand out will help you take advantage of this feature and reach a wider audience. Whether your Instagram account […]


6 Good Things Crowdfunding Doing About Startups


Earlier for funding a new business, it used to be personal savings or family and friends, then came bank loans followed by the Venture Capital funding. However, since 2005 things have been changing drastically when it comes to funding a startup. Crowdfunding has emerged as a genuine alternative to all kinds of traditional funding. Today, […]


How to Get New Content Ideas & Repurpose Old Ones?


Content is a crucial factor that differentiates your website from your competitors and delivers your message to your prospects in the right way. However, producing high-quality content isn’t a one-off game. Your content is only valuable until it is unique and attracting. It doesn’t take long for content to be copied and restructured in various […]


6 A/B Testing Software Worthy Of Your Attention


A/B testing denotes comparing two different variants of a web page for evaluating which one is better performing. The two web pages can be shown as variants to the same set of visitors simultaneously. The variant giving better conversion rate is chosen. Every business wants the visitors to convert into buyers or something else. These […]


8 Content Marketing Struggles You Need to Know in 2018


“We need to stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in.”- Craig Davis (British marketing pro) There is no denying the importance of great content in the increasingly competitive environment of the current times. Living in the digital age, content marketers are no strangers to demands of producing better content. […]


5 Social Media Marketing Musts to Know in 2018


We all know that social media is one of the biggest influencers of buying decisions among consumers today. Advertising on social networks like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, has the potential to yield revenues that far exceed spending when done by a trained expert. A few years back, it was not unusual for businesses to see […]


5 Quick Steps for Getting Started with SMS Marketing


Over the last few years, there has been a subtle yet noticeable shift in the world of online and SMS marketing. As the amount of digital marketing avenues has increased, marketers have had a hard time maintaining their audience’s attention and getting their message across. Due to this, organizations have sought out simple yet powerful […]


How to master the art of Digital marketing for today’s businesses?


The Internet has been used as an essential tool for companies marketing these days. There are many benefits of using internet for business marketing, and we know a few of them as well. The best thing about internet marketing is nothing but the essence of this type of business marketing in today’s time. The Internet […]


5 Latest Technologies to Consider for Business Success


It is always discussed as such in the tech circles that the conventional businesses enterprises are slow to adapt to the latest technological advancements. This may have been more so in the past, but things are changing at a fast pace now. Seeing that the smaller players adapt to the emerging trends so quickly and […]


Are You Doing SEO With People-centric Approach?


On a typical day, what do you do in terms of digital marketing? You develop content calendars, plan out posts, reach out to influencers, and do search optimization all day long. You write, and you write some more. You are on social media letting it suck your day out, but do you know why you […]


10 Tips for Building a Great Startup Team


So now, that you have a complete plan for your company, have you thought of your next step? Have you selected the right team for your business? Successful startups know that the staff will serve as the backbone of the company, and it is essential to have the right people in place to grow. If […]


7 Digital Marketing Strategies Implemented by Successful Brands


Marketing domain has seen tremendous growth and improvements in the last couple of years. Earlier, organizations needed to spend a lot of time & money to come up with a successful marketing campaign. However, due to digitization and the introduction of digital marketing in the world, this problem has been curbed to quite an extent. […]


How to Write Effective Copy for Mobile Landing Pages


With so many people visiting your mobile website these days, you need to make sure you get their attention right away. A big part of this involves writing excellent copy that will help visitors get what they need from you, as soon as they visit. But you may be thinking, I’ve already got a landing […]


6 Full-proof Ways to Increase Your Page Authority and Domain Authority


Have you ever wondered why sites like Wikipedia and Urban dictionary are always at the top of every search results you see and your website, despite having high-quality content and everything, is at the bottom of it? The answer to that question, however, is your page and domain authority score. As a webmaster, I am […]


10 Actionable Tips to get VC [Venture Capital] Funding for your Startups


The journey of an entrepreneur starts with an idea. And, if his small company begins to grow, capital is needed as fuel. Out of all the possibilities of funding a business, raising venture capital funding for your startup is one of them and this article will let you know more about VC funding in details. […]


3 Biggest Social Media Mistakes You Must Avoid


Believe it or not, social media is still growing – particularly in terms of the ways that businesses and brands are using it to create meaningful interactions with consumers on a daily basis. We’ve reached the point where not only do 2/3rds of all Americans have at least one social media profile to call their […]


Best 5 Digital Marketing Trends to watch out in 2018


This is the start of 2018 and we are going to witness a lot of changing trends in Digital Space. Some of these trends were rocking in 2017 and maybe we will see them describing the year 2018 too. Digital Marketing experts are interested to know about the upcoming trends that may influence the results […]


Facebook News Feed Changes: Why you Need a New Strategy


Facebook has since long been a key platform for marketers to promote their products through various means like organic posts, videos or pictures so as to reach out to more and more people. It was common to see the news feed flooded with all sorts of promotional articles from publishers or businesses. In January 2018, […]