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10 Actionable Tips to get VC [Venture Capital] Funding for your Startups


The journey of an entrepreneur starts with an idea. And, if his small company begins to grow, capital is needed as fuel. Out of all the possibilities of funding a business, raising venture capital funding for your startup is one of them and this article will let you know more about VC funding in details. […]


3 Biggest Social Media Mistakes You Must Avoid


Believe it or not, social media is still growing – particularly in terms of the ways that businesses and brands are using it to create meaningful interactions with consumers on a daily basis. We’ve reached the point where not only do 2/3rds of all Americans have at least one social media profile to call their […]


Best 5 Digital Marketing Trends to watch out in 2018


This is the start of 2018 and we are going to witness a lot of changing trends in Digital Space. Some of these trends were rocking in 2017 and maybe we will see them describing the year 2018 too. Digital Marketing experts are interested to know about the upcoming trends that may influence the results […]


Facebook News Feed Changes: Why you Need a New Strategy


Facebook has since long been a key platform for marketers to promote their products through various means like organic posts, videos or pictures so as to reach out to more and more people. It was common to see the news feed flooded with all sorts of promotional articles from publishers or businesses. In January 2018, […]