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LinkedIn Revamps its News Feed with ‘Trending Storylines’

Mar 28, 2017

The professional network has launched a new feature called ‘Trending Storylines’ on March 22, 2017. It is a curated interest-based feed which surfaces news, ideas, stories based on the topics you are likely to be interested in. LinkedIn continue to build its growth with Trending Storylines. The additional abilities the feature offers are as follows: […]


Facebook Launches A New Ad Format ‘Collection’

Mar 25, 2017

Facebook on Friday has unveiled a new type of shopping ad format called ‘collection’ to help marketers showcase their products in more visually appealing ways. The format incorporates video as its main element along with product images, and even Canvas-style elements, within a single post. Advertisers will now get the choice of either choosing the […]


Facebook brings Header bidding to boost its Ad Network

Mar 23, 2017

Facebook introduced Audience Network back in 2014. Now, with header bidding publishers will get better idea that which ad network provides the best deal. It started testing header bidding to expand ad network in January, 2016. And, finally brought it after getting helpful insights into the business dynamics between providers and publishers. Facebook believes that […]


YouTube to end its Annotations Editor from May 2

Mar 21, 2017

YouTube announced that the Annotations Editor will be discontinued beginning May 2. Annotations Editor was launched in 2008, before the world went mobile. From May 2, users will not be able to add new annotations to the videos or edit the existing ones; all they can do is delete them. The existing annotations will only […]


Google Launches YouTube Video viewing app called ‘Uptime’

Mar 16, 2017

Google releases a new video app, Uptime which let users watch and react to YouTube videos together with friends. Uptime is an app which enables you to share the viewing experience in real time. It also let your friends know that where you are in the video and provides the ability to send reaction, emojis […]


Pinterest Acquires Jelly, the Crowd-sourced Search Engine

Mar 9, 2017

Pinterest has acquired Jelly, the human powered search engine founded by Twitter Co-founder Biz Stone, and Ben Finkel four years ago. Biz Stone will also join Pinterest as a special adviser to Co-founder with Chief Product Officer, Evan Sharp. Ben Finkel will be added to the growth product team of the social network. Jelly is […]


Skype killing off its WiFi Feature from March 31

Mar 2, 2017

Skype is a Microsoft-owned application that popularized the rise of voice and video calls over the Internet. Microsoft announced on February 27, 2017 that it will discontinue Skype WiFi feature as of March 31. Skype WiFi service allows access to Internet through paid hotspots all around the world. It was widely used by travelers who […]


Google Assistant Now Rolling Out To Android Phones

Feb 28, 2017

On February 26, 2017, Google announced that it will be rolling out Google Assistant to more Android devices. It is currently available on the Google Pixel phones, Google Home, Android Wear and messaging app Allo. Google Assistant is an essential AI-powered successor to voice search. It aims to be more of a conversational feature and […]


WhatsApp Updates Status Feature to Stories-style Format

Feb 25, 2017

WhatsApp on its 8th Birthday on February 24 released the updated version with new Status feature. With this updated Status feature, you can edit and share videos and photos with all your friends and families present on your contact list. Earlier, it was possible to write text statuses but now you can click photos, edit […]


Google to Discontinue Site Search by End of 2017

Feb 23, 2017

Google has decided to discontinue Google Site Search. It is a paid product which has been around since 2008. Google Site Search is a product sold out to the web publishers that wanted to use the industry’s leading search technology to their sites. The company charges are based on the monthly query volume for the […]


Facebook Rolls Out 4 Major Video Updates

Feb 21, 2017

Facebook rolled out 4 major video updates on February 14, 2017 to make the experience of watching video richer, flexible and more engaging. The four major updates are as follows: 1) To bring Sound to Videos in News Feed Video in news feed used to play silently; you need to tap on the video for […]


YouTube to stop 30-second unskippable ads from next year

Feb 18, 2017

YouTube announced from starting next year, 30-second unskippable ads will no longer be there. The platform will instead focus on shorter ads. Brands will still have access to 6, 15 and 20 seconds of unskippable time for YouTube ads. Google explained that the change they are going to bring is an effort to provide better […]


Facebook Announces New Ad Options and Third-party Audit

Feb 16, 2017

Facebook has announced a new set of measures on February 11, 2017 to maintain the trust of advertisers and reinforce transparency. It has taken this step forward to deal with the data inaccuracies. Facebook is undertaking the following new choices for marketers to assist them. 1) To offer more impression level-data Marketers will get better […]


LinkedIn offers New Features to Premium Subscribers

Feb 11, 2017

LinkedIn has introduced new LinkedIn Premium features. Last month redesigned version of desktop site was launched. All the members of LinkedIn Premium Career have the access to more personalized insights within the jobs option. Premium Business Insights feature now provides ‘unique and timely’ data on the company pages. Now, users will be able to know […]


YouTubers with 10K Subscribers Can Access Mobile Live-Streaming

Feb 9, 2017

YouTube expands the access of mobile live-streaming feature to all the creators with more than 10,000 subscribers. The mobile live-streaming feature was rolled out last year in June. Earlier the access of this feature was limited to selected partners only. But, now if you are a YouTube Creator having more than 10K subscribers, then you […]


Google Aims To Make YouTube Advertiser-Friendly

Jan 31, 2017

Google upgrades YouTube advertising to improve the experience of users across desktop and mobile. A series of updates have been announced some have already been rolled out and others will be rolling out throughout the year. Now, advertisers and agencies can measure their campaigns and reach audience on YouTube across the screens. Mobile Focused Renewed […]


Facebook Testing Slideshow Feature in Android App

Jan 27, 2017

Facebook introduced Slideshow feature in summer 2016 which lets you turn your photos and videos into mini-movies with themed transitions and music. Now, the Slideshow feature is being tested in Android app. This feature was introduced as a part of Moments, Facebook’s stand-alone application. With this feature, users can combine multiple photos and videos into […]


LinkedIn shares its new Desktop Look

Jan 24, 2017

LinkedIn brings the largest desktop redesign since its inception. The main aim behind this change is to provide a better LinkedIn experience to the users that is faster, intuitive and creates more value. No matter whether you are on a mobile app or desktop, you can seamlessly access most relevant professional content, conversations and opportunities. […]

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