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Google to launch payment app ‘Tez’ in India next week


On Monday i.e.18th of September, Google will be joining the digital payment bandwagon in India with the launch of its payment app ‘Tez’, designed specifically for Indian Market. The news as first reported on ‘THE KEN’, Indian business blog and the app will likely be launched at a press conference on 18 September in New […]


Google Begins Mobile Native Advertising on AdSense


On Wednesday, Google announced the launch of native adverts for mobile advertisers across its AdSense platform. The new AdSense Native ads are available across three categories including in-feed, in-article and Matched content and these can be customized to the look and feel of the publisher’s mobile sites. AdSense publishers can use any or all of […]


Facebook Canvas Ads are now available within Collection Ads


Facebook on Wednesday said that its Canvas full-screen immersive ad units are now available within its Collection ad format, and it also presented three new templates for Canvas. Canvas, the full-screen immersive advertising product for iOS and Android phones was launched in February last year to build unique mobile experiences and Collection later in March, […]


Quora’s Ad Platform Is Now Available Worldwide


Quora has now opened its self-serve ads platform to advertisers globally. Earlier the platform was in beta and more than 300 advertisers ranging from different verticals have been using it. Shopify, Hubspot, Thinkific, Udacity and Hired are among the companies that have been running campaigns. Quora presently offers two native ad formats: text and app […]


Google testing different variations of black links in search results


Google shows up testing a new different look for its search results pages that would change the color of links from the existing traditional blue to black. This widely noticed change to Google’s search results listing page has been seen over the weekend, however first reports of the black SERP tests begun to appear at […]


Pinterest is now using visual discovery to target ads


To target ads, Pinterest is now using photo data. In February, Pinterest presented 3 visual discovery tools; Shop the Look, Instant Ideas and Lens beta fueled with visual discovery technology. The purpose was to let Pinners discover products and ideas inspired by things they see and now this visual discovery technology is being used to […]


Bing Ads to end Standard text ad support on July 31, 2017


Bing Ads has announced it will no longer support STA creation or editing as of July 31, 2017. Standard text ads can keep running, but advertisers won’t be able to make any changes, including to landing page URLs. In March, Bing Ads added options to convert standard text ads to expanded text ads in the […]


Facebook introduces a new offline conversion solution


Brands using Facebook lead ads can now more effectively measure offline conversions as Facebook took latest move and introduced a new Offline Conversion solution for its lead ads on Monday. This will automatically connect with CRMs and other systems to upload the outcome of leads generated by Facebook campaigns into their ads manager. With the […]


Snapchat Rolls Out Self-Serve Ad Platform


Snapchat launched a self-serve tool, called Snapchat Ad Manager on Thursday to let advertisers buy ads on the mobile app. Furthermore, Snapchat has also taken off the new Snapchat Mobile Dashboard to let you track campaigns from your phone, and the Business Manager site to configure the roles and permissions of team members. These tools […]


Facebook Rolls Out Pixel Update To Improve Ads Delivery


The conversion tracking Facebook pixels got an upgrade in an effort to enhance the relevancy and usefulness of ads. It is measured as the engine behind Facebook’s tracking and targeting and the rolled out upgrade confirms that it will now capture additional information, including actions and page structure and data. The ability to track actions […]


Google Launches ‘Google Hire’, a Job Search Service


‘Google Hire’ is being launched by the world’s largest technology giant Google. It seems to be gearing up to launch a new job application website which will track and manage applications to rival services like LinkedIn and Jobvite. The website is now up and can be accessed via URL. The company has already launched […]


Google launches ‘Areo’, a food delivery & home services app


Google launched a new hyper local services app called the Google Areo. The app will feature restaurants, chefs, local electricians, painters, cleaners, plumbers and more and users can pay by card, net banking or cash on delivery. The app is currently operational in Bengaluru and Mumbai. It will be rolled out to every corner of […]


Google Launches ‘Fact Check’ In Search Results Globally


Google launched a fact checking tool in its search results worldwide, its latest initiative to help restrain the spread of misinformation and ‘fake news’. “For the first time, when you conduct a search on Google that returns an authoritative result containing fact checks for one or more public claims, you will see that information clearly […]


Flipkart raises $1.4 billion from new investors, acquires eBay India


India’s largest e-commerce marketplace Flipkart on Monday has confirmed a total of $1.4 billion fundraise from new investors Tencent Holdings Ltd., eBay Inc. and Microsoft Corp. This is Flipkart’s largest fund raising so far and through this multifaceted deal, it will also acquire eBay’s India operations. The fundraising, the largest in the Indian startup ecosystem, […]


YouTube Channels Now Require 10k Views to Run Ads


YouTube announced that it will no longer allow the channels with less than 10k lifetime views to run ads on YouTube Partner Program (YPP) from April 6, 2017. The video platform is taking this major step to protect the creators by updating the thresholds that are required to join the YPP. With this change, they […]


LinkedIn Introduces Lead Generation Forms


LinkedIn launched lead generation forms on April 4, 2017. It is a new solution for marketers who find it difficult to collect quality leads. With this launch, the professional platform makes it easier to drive high-quality leads from Sponsored Content campaigns, as it removes conversion barrier on mobile devices of filling out forms. The mobile […]


Reddit Launches a New Self-serve Ad Platform


Reddit introduces a revamped self-serve advertising platform. This is the sign that the platform is getting serious for providing more updated features to its advertisers. Here are the major feature updates: Complete Redesign: The entire ads interface is redesigned to be more user-friendly and easier on the eyes of users. Post-pay billing: The platform now […]


LinkedIn Revamps its News Feed with ‘Trending Storylines’


The professional network has launched a new feature called ‘Trending Storylines’ on March 22, 2017. It is a curated interest-based feed which surfaces news, ideas, stories based on the topics you are likely to be interested in. LinkedIn continue to build its growth with Trending Storylines. The additional abilities the feature offers are as follows: […]

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