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3 Analytical Ways To Make You Examine Visitors Behavior

Apr 11, 2017

Keen to know how people use your website? The Behavior reports in Google Analytics can help you really. And, to make you figure out how to examine the behavior of your website visitors, we have specified here 3 effective & convenient ways. Let’s have a walkthrough and take up these features in Google Analytics immediately. […]


How to Drive Online Marketing through Web Analytics

Nov 27, 2014

Controlling your marketing budget is one of the most important concerns for you at this time when mounting price rise is leading to an economic deceleration. Marketing Budget is greatly dependent on the revenue generation. It is obvious to have reduction in the marketing budget with drop in sales. Lack of evaluation in marketing programs […]


How Google Analytics Helps You Increase Your Business’ ROI

Jul 15, 2014

data regarding the traffic coming to your website. These data actually inform you how your campaign is going on and it pinpoints about the weakness and strengths of your campaign. This set of information helps you grow fast. This also helps you if you are thinking to start a campaign to increase your blog’s page […]


Want To Go Global Via Digital Marketing? Here Are Some Of The Best Metrics

May 7, 2014

Of course,you can measure a digital marketing venture at its every part and can accomplish best returns on every single penny you spend. Measurability is one of the most significant factors that distinguishes digital marketing from the traditional marketing where in you can calculate ROI through readership or footfall only.


Did you know Google Analytics Can Boost Your ROI? Here’s how!

Apr 14, 2014

Of course, if you are able to gauge as to what part of your marketing budget is going waste, you would never be making that investment or if you are able to know what exactly is causing the problem you would certainly go ahead and change it. But then, not every form of marketing proffers […]