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6 WordPress Plugins to Speed up Your Site


Loading speed is important to a website’s success. Most of the visitors coming to a site are willing to wait for a few seconds for your website to load and when they experience problem, they escape out. Additionally, the search engine Google includes your loading speed in its search algorithms. So, the faster your site […]


13 Places Your Business Needs To Be Listed Online


Business listing sites are very useful for branding and backlinking. These sites have a huge traffic on a daily basis and it can be beneficial for your business. You need to submit your business information to related directories. This can be a great source of leads, consumer reviews and referral websites. And, it is also […]


17 Reasons Google can Penalize your Website


Google is on a task to offer its users the best search result. It gives its users access to exact information, exclusive content and the best writers. And for offering the better results, Google updated its algorithms time-to-time to improve the quality of its search results. So, with new algorithm update, your site might be […]


9 Hottest Website Header Trends to Take Over 2017


Do you know why it is so important to nail your home page header section? Because it can make or break your visitors’ first impressions. Yes; your home page header is a 10-second opportunity to prove to your visitors what value the site will give to them. And, you should use this enough space cleverly […]


19 Best WordPress SEO Plugins for 2017


On the off chance that you need to increase your search engine rankings, you have to get your posts search engine optimized. The optimization process becomes really important and somewhat tricky when there is Google using almost 200 ranking factors to rank a site in the SERPs. And, so, there are quite a few things […]


8 “Don’t Miss Out” Testimonial Page Examples for You


From selecting a restaurant to shopping for luxury stuff, people need to know that they are on right track before they shop. When looking for the answer to that question, customers almost always want to know from other customers. The best way to influence your prospective customers is with customer testimonials. By showcasing your existing […]


9 Awesome Tools for Choosing Your Website Color Scheme


There are a ton of free color tools available on the web.  However, to help you pick names standing out; we are here with some of the best. Whether its design, usability or features, you are going to love these. See the list below and pick your perfect website color scheme tool. 1) Pictaculous Pictaculous works […]


7 About Us Page Examples You See As Better Than Yours


A successful “About Us” page is not only full of interesting and useful information about you, your brand, and your team, but it should also summarize what your brand is as a whole, both stylistically and in terms of character. It is undoubtedly one of the most-trafficked pages on your website. Your About Us page […]


8 Exit Popup Hacks To Make You More Money


Exit popups: your secret weapon to higher conversions Do you want to know what an exit intent popup is? Here is the answer: When a visitor tries to exit your website or landing page, a popup will appear with a different offer or a reason for them to stay around longer. The idea is not […]


7 Best Secrets To Building An Amazing Contact Us Page


‘Contact us’ – is the classic last mile of converting visitors into customers on your website. Your Contact us page is a powerful way to connect with your customers, generate leads, and provide support. You can collect important information from customers such as email addresses, location, and products of interest. You can build the quality […]


8 Important Tips For Picking Your Website Color Scheme


Setting up a solid brand identity is important just like a key ingredient in building trust, making customers feel comfortable, and making long-term followers. There are several things that together make the contribution and so, is the Brand color; having a relationship with brand value. Just like several other aspects, it’s equally important to choose […]


7 Ways You Can Make Your Website More Trustworthy


Any winning business relationship has its establishment of trust. i.e. you have to make yourself trustworthy. There are many facets to this wonder and then, there is the matter of your website. Making trust through your website; how can you do it? Here are a few chosen ways to make your site appear more trustworthy […]


17 Free & Useful Websites You Should Bookmark Right Now


The internet has become a really significant part of our day-to-day life.  It has made our life so much convenient and better by providing the ease of doing and learning nearly everything by just sitting at home. As of today, you will find several wonderful websites that have everything we need to acquainted with and absorb. But […]


17 powerful tools to help you spy on your competitors


If you want your marketing campaigns to be successful, then understanding the existing competition is must. Knowing what your competitors are up to is necessary for keeping up and going one step further from them. At this time, you should spy on every move your competitor makes to beat the competition. And, it all starts […]


8 roadblocks you need to clear in conversion funnel


The whole sole reason behind creating the website is to get conversions, as the interest in conversion rate optimization has increased at a very fast pace. You must be putting tons of efforts to maximize your website conversions, but are they where they should be? It becomes very frustrating when plenty of visitors are coming […]


7 Practical Tips to Improve your Website’s Online Marketing


Are you getting the results what you think you should get through your online marketing? The main aim behind having an effective website is to have a strong online presence. If you want your potential buyers to reach out to you then your website need to be highly visible and creative. There exist a tough […]


Why Website Planning and Creation Needs a Meticulous Approach


Digital marketing has become the need of the hour and that you have to have an online presence, an online visibility in this fast progressing digital era. And, to have an online visibility, you need to have a website. But then it’s not as easy as its sounding I mean having a website. There are […]


Losing Customers Due To High Bounce Rate? Find Solution Here!


I know it matters I mean the website in engaging the traffic that comes to it however it doesn’t mean if have created an awesome website customers are sure to stay there and engage in activities offered by your site. There are so many other factors that account for the customer engagement with the site […]

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