9 Ways To Create “Super Shareable” Content

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Do you want to create a post that is shareable and stand out among the crowd of content? Content that people can’t wait to share…. If you have a better understanding, what your audiences want, the more effectively you’ll be able to create shareable content. Shareable content generates traffic, which generates more shares, which ultimately […]

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Google Adds New Tabs to Search Cards on Mobile


Google is rolling out new updates to Search. It is updating its Knowledge Graph cards in mobile search with additional tabs for certain queries. Specifically, Knowledge Graph cards will be updated for movies first, followed by books and movies. Google’s new set of tabs in Knowledge Graph cards for movies include: Existing updates: Overview Showtimes […]

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Bing Ads will suggest Bid Adjustments to Advertisers

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Now, Bing Ads will help advertisers set effective bidding strategies through remarketing bid adjustment suggestions in the Opportunity tab. The remarketing bid adjustment opportunity will use historical ad performance data and provide advertisers with created suggestions on how to adjust their bids to show ads to their most relevant target audiences. To the degree your […]

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