Karan Sharma

Digital Marketing Manager at MajesTECH Technical Services Pvt Ltd. Marketing Analyst at Social Cloud Ventures Pvt Ltd.

How students have rated Karan Sharma?
Knowledgeable about the subject8/10
Used visual materials/examples effectively9/10
Interest in sharing information and knowledge9/10
Open for queries and doubts 9/10
No. of students trained?

1230+ professionals at DSIM

360+ As Corporate Trainer

Trainer with DSIM?

Since 1st January 2014

What trainees say about Karan Sharma?

Thorough knowledge about subject. Maintaining momentum for the training. Open for queries and doubts. -

Strong Communication.
Great interactive skills.
Strong knowledge & pleasant personality. -

Open to queries and helpful. -

Never thought website creation is so easy. Thanks to Karan, who helped me to create website and told me some of the great plugins, which are really helpful for me. -

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