12 Things To Help You Grow Your Business In 2016

We all wish to know the reply of how to boost & optimize a site’s conversion rate as it fills in as one of the important factor to the success of an online marketing strategy. As there are many affecting your efforts, it’s really difficult to monitor the entire variables. So, we have brought 10 new and flighty CRO hacks to help you know the means to twofold your leads:

1) Have you answered ‘Why choose us’ on your homepage?

Showing your brand’s exceptional proposal is an important element to increase conversions and sales. Include ‘why choose us’ on your homepage as it will answer your visitors’ question to why to use your offering instead of contenders. If they won’t find it, they will prefer to take an exit.

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2) Have you explained the major benefits of your brand?

Adding this information on your pages makes sure that your brand’s core incentivized offer gets seen. In marketing, you cannot simply presume that your audience already knows it. Mention the key elements in header or sidebar and it will help you make your impact.

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3) Have you kept engaging & compelling Call-to-Action buttons?

To have optimized call-to-action buttons on your site, works as a great way to improve website conversion rates and sales. Wording, style, color, size, all it matters in providing engaging and convincing experience to users. You can include images, a good video, etc. instead. These perform better for engaging visitors, particularly when used after finding the most compelling versions.

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4) Have you brought great free incentives?

Offering free incentives to visitors in a way to gather their information (emails, contact no.) helps you drive follow up marketing easily & competitively. These can be free ebooks, templates, coupons, consultations, etc.   Using impressive pop-ups to show the bringing improves the chances of visitors sharing their mail ids. It’s not likely that you will be able to convert them first time they land up on your page, so follow up becomes the next event to make an approach.

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5) Have you tried screening testimonials on your page?

Getting couple of good testimonials on your key pages and home page helps you build social proof. Try to keep these short and focused on benefits. You can also use video-based testimonials of experts or images of the person sharing their experiences to increase the brand’s reliability. It gives the answers to visitors’ questions regarding products/services usability features.

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6) Have you allowed live web help chat options?

A live web chat option helps answer visitors’ question quickly and brings ways to get great site improving feedbacks. Including this option in signup/exit flow, you lead visitors to ask questions when they stuck or to sort out their queries.

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7) Have you kept navigation menu easy to use?

Visitors often use menus to navigate and explore websites; when finding it useful and convenient. If they find website navigation hard-hitting, there is a probability that they will leave the site prematurely. While focusing on its design, make it large enough and easy to use, included with good drop down options. It must be prepared in a way highlighting links to your important pages and benefits.

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8) Have you made your mobile optimized website?

It’s more often identified that so many of visitors arrive on websites through phones that have small screens. If you haven’t kept your website dynamically resized, it gets harder to browse. With a mobile optimized site, it becomes convenient for visitors to explore your brand. You can do this by including different, visible, and convincing to use navigation, search, forms and buttons.

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9) Have you stated awards & accreditation?

Mentioning awards/accreditation seals in a website’s footer, you can help visitors trust they can feel safe asking your service/using your offerings. These generous earnings from known organizations/bodies make visitors feel much safer in terms of choosing you.

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10) Have you showcased your major clients?

As offering services/products, showing your major clients’ list becomes a symbolic representation of your brand’s credibility. It helps you build the convention that there are other known names using your services and they are inclined towards your name. Include more & more names on your homepage to strengthen the trust aspect.

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