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10 Must have Apps to not to Miss Digital News

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The world is practicing an exceptional routine of being digital. These days people like to consume digital news rather than reading newspaper. In order to keep up with what’s happening around the world, you can use the 10 tools listed below:

1) Feedly

It is one of the best apps for news readers that keeps you updated with all the latest happenings across the world. Readers can readily connect to the stories or sources of information they like to read. This free RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed reader application lets you categorize news as per your convenience.

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2) Flipboard

It is the tool with the help of which you can organize the content on a single platform. Here all types of news are aggregated and it provides the user with a ‘flip’ through option with images, articles and videos shared. Users can save stories into the Flipboard magazine.

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3) Newsle

The main aim behind this tool is to provide the readers with all the latest insights by delivering important news. The application is fully integrated into the LinkedIn for better experience. This LinkedIn acquired tool also lets you follow the gossips about the companies.

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4) Reddit

It is a news aggregation tool which delivers all the trending news in its feed. It is one of the topmost sources for following breaking news with an interesting feature of upvote. If users find the topic interesting, then they can vote for it. This social platform also enables the users to share it.

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5) Google Play Newsstand

The tool is the combination of Google Currents and Google Play Magazine. It is digital newsstand and news aggregator application which keeps Android and iOS users up-to-date online. All the articles and stories are tagged with a title of broad generic topics.

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6) LinkedIn Pulse

It is much easier to use as it lets you save up to 60 RSS feeds. One can also group the newsfeed on number of pages with different labels. It serves the stories in its faced based design on the LinkedIn life as acquired by LinkedIn network.

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7) Feed Wrangler

The best part of this is that it helps in wrangling of the news. All the readers who like distraction-free reading must look for it as it simply lets you manage the feed. It also allows you to save articles for reading later.

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8) Digg Reader

It is a news aggregator application which was introduced when Google reader was shut down in 2013. It blends social news with RSS subscriptions and allows you get the latest insights, you want in your feed. It has simple user interface.

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9)  Inside

It is a news reading application, focused on connecting the readers with the latest updates. It is designed in a way that it keeps you informed with all what is happening worldwide.

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10) Yahoo News Digest

It gives the news readers the best browsing experience. It provides you with all the trending stories you need to know in short format. It sends digests twice daily. The mixed information is displayed here as the platform is created using several sources.

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These online sources present you the news in short and crisp format and the best part that the listed online reading tools have is they only display what interests you in your newsfeed and so, trying out the ones, you can easily remain keep a track on what’s happening in areas.

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