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10 Reasons to Integrate Traditional and Digital Marketing


The marketing world has experienced a complete revolution since the introduction of digital media. Marketing strategy plays a great role in increasing sales and achieving a sustainable competitive goal. No matter traditional or digital, both are equally important.

We all want to earn more profit from our campaigns. The integration of both the Traditional and Digital ways in your marketing tactics will help you accomplish your goals in an efficient and quicker way.


1) Increases your Public Relation 

The combination of digital and traditional PR efforts lets you reach more number of people. We have mixed audience; there are people who still read magazines and other who prefer everything online. So if your blog is published in a magazine and is available online too, then there are better chances of it reaching a wide range of customers.

2) Helps you reach both Active and Passive Audience 

The two techniques complement each other well. Traditional marketing is usually passive, while digital marketing actively involves targeting audience. The intended objectives can be achieved by combining television ads with social media posts. Coca-Cola is a company which used this combination to actively engage customers and improved outcomes.

3) Builds long lasting relationships 

The traditional marketing techniques are highly effective for reaching broad consumer base whereas other techniques target more on reaching the specific target audience. The integration of both the ways helps marketers to build stronger relationships with customers. It is an easy way to involve customers with your products and services.

4) You can spread Across Multiple Channels 

The brands can advertise their products, services or goods in an efficient way by using both the marketing techniques. They can also run print ads and use social media platform for online advertising of brand. By engaging with more number of channels, the reach of your message will improve effectively.

5) Promote Social channels via Traditional media 

You can bring traffic to your social media sites by advertising about them on television, radio and other platforms. You can engage more number of people by adding some useful information related to customers.

6) Allows you to accomplish Goals 

You can accomplish your goals in a better way by applying the blending mixture of traditional and digital marketing strategies. This way you can reach both the type of customers no matter whether they are online or offline. By using these practices you can easily achieve the market goals with your product.

7) Connects the audience across all the channels 

By using both marketing and communications at once you can connect with large number of people. If your advertisement is displayed among all the audience and across all the channels then there are better chances of earning more clicks on it.

8) You can Organize Events through Online Campaigns 

Traditional marketing also includes holding up meetings, conferences etc. to promote the business strategies. You can attract more number of people towards your meet ups by advertising about it on social media or channels.

9) Your marketing strategy gets strengthened

With the advent of digital marketing, it was thought that this would put an end to traditional ways of marketing. But in spite of it both the techniques help in strengthening the marketing methods. Most of the marketers use print media and online platform in cooperation for advertising and promoting.

10) Better Customer acquisition and brand recognition

Integration of old school ways with new ones helps your brand in becoming productive. You can encourage customers by displaying ad on television to visit an online destination. By applying traditional tactics on online marketing strategy you can increase your brand’s customer acquisition.

Above composed are the 10 reasons for why it is beneficial for the marketers to integrate traditional and digital marketing in their tactics. Now you can make your marketing approach more effective.

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