For advertising and marketing, YouTube’s potential is limitless. YouTube is the #1 social media platforms for buyer discovery and final purchase, beating out other social media platforms including Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.


With more than 1 billion unique monthly users now using the platform to watch, upload and share videos, brands can no longer afford not to be on YouTube as part of their marketing strategy.
However, specifically YouTube is a necessary and profitable addition to their inbound marketing strategies.

This article will give you the answers for all the questions that why your brand needs to be on YouTube:

1. YouTube is the most popular (#1) social networking site for marketers:
YouTube is no.1 social channel for marketers in 2015. More than a million advertisers are using this platform, the majority of which are SMEs.

While 57% of marketers currently use video as part of their social media strategy, 72% report wanting to learn more about it and plan to use it more over the coming year.

2. YouTube drive sales

Many marketers think video is useful only for increasing engagement, they don’t expect YouTube videos to actually generate sales and revenue. However, according to Adobe’s Social Intelligence Report, “the average revenue per visit (RPV) from YouTube is $.70”.

3. YouTube Video has the highest conversion rates

According to Shopify report, “YouTube has the 3rd highest conversion rates among all the social networking sites, after Facebook and Vimeo”. The conversion rates for YouTube and Vimeo is 1.16% each. According to Unbounce, using video on landing pages can increase conversion by 80%.

4. YouTube is a platform for Brand Awareness

You can add a customized banner and videos at the top of your channel’s homepage. The maximum dimensions for this banner are 960 pixels by 150 pixels. You can also link this banner with image maps to your Facebook, Twitter, or even your website.
Video gives you the ability to tell your brand’s story in a way that creates an emotional investment in your company. This drives traffic and increases brand presence across social media channels.

5. Increased Revenue by YouTube Video
Brands can generate income by ad revenue sharing for “in- video” ads and other ads. These ads are placed along the right hand side of the video, and they work in conjunction with a Google AdSense account.
Revenue can also be generated via leads and conversions that come in through your quality branded channel. Quality content drives traffic, and high traffic volume can lead to the increased likelihood of onsite conversions especially if the content you’ve provided is of value and solves a problem.
Lastly, depending on your product, industry, and service offering, you can also rent your videos.

6. YouTube videos can increase chances of ranking in the search engine results
A standard Google search is likely to produce a variety of content types: maps, shopping results, images, videos, etc. This is known as Universal Search.
According to research from Searchmetrics, video holds a greater share of universal search results than any other medium. They also found that YouTube videos vastly outperformed other video results in the SERPs, with 8 out of every 10 video results being from YouTube. Google owned YouTube still dominates in terms of video search results.

7. Video watchers are more likely to make a purchase than non-video watchers
According to Video Commerce Benchmarks report, “Online shoppers who viewed videos were 1.6x more likely to make a purchase than shoppers who did not.

8. Video is far more powerful than the text according to Research
According to Forrester Research, Dr. James McQuivery said “One minute of video is worth 1.8 million words”. While this certainly seems to be a stretch, there’s no doubt that video leads to increased engagement and higher retention levels.

9. Beauty related businesses will find an audience on YouTube
Makeup, beauty and grooming videos continue to see an upward trend in terms of views, likes, shares and channel subscribers.
According to Pixability, “Cosmetic video dominates making up 51% of all beauty related videos”. They also found significant growth in the overall beauty space on YouTube, with an increase of 50% from 2014 to 2015.

10. Consistent Messaging & Google Analytics Integration
Branded YouTube Channels also provide users with a consistent brand experience across social media channels and Web properties, because imaging, messaging, logos, and color harmonies are co-related, thus imprinting the brand’s identity in the users’ minds.
You can connect your Google Analytics account ID to track visitors, page views, traffic, and all the regular things that come with Google Analytics.
The insights gained from understanding how users are engaging your content is extremely valuable, and can help dictate your content development efforts and marketing programs.

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