10 Struggles You Go Through Every Time A Relative Visit Your Home Dsim.in

10 Struggles You Go Through Every time A Relative Visit Your Home

By DSIM Team / 13/09/2016

Last updated on October 8th, 2016 at 10:39 am

1) You have to greet everyone a thousand times.


2) You have to make sure that you’re polite every time and to everyone.


3) You feel like a stranger in your own house.


4) Whatever happens, you have to sit in front of your relatives like a showpiece.


5) Everyone wants to know your success story even if you don’t have any.


6) Aunties be like, ” Beta shadi kab kar rhe ho?”


7) And you began to wonder is this is just a regular visit or your interview?


8) People are gossiping everywhere meanwhile, you’re just struggling to get some privacy for yourself.


9) Exhaustion of this one day won’t be over for a complete week.


10) And, Next morning when you wake up you see that one of your guest stayed over.


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