Google Now is an intelligent personal assistant developed by Google. It is available within the Google Search mobile application for the Android and iOS operating systems, as well as the Google Chrome web browser on personal computers.

In this article we are going to discuss about ten awesome things you could do with Google Now. So, let’s go ahead with that.

1) Get answers for just any question

Whether you need a definition for anything, need navigation help, want to play your favorite song or make conversion, the voice command with Google Now is always there to help you with anything and everything. Simply ask it about anything that you want and you are sure to get an answer.

2) Get reminders about things anytime, anywhere

Whether you need to get yourself reminded about wishing your dad his anniversary or pick up your laundry, Google Now is always there for you to do that anytime, anywhere. It syncs events in your Google Calendar to remind you about when they are going to happen. The best part is if in case the events are related with any particular location, Google Now will also tell you as to when you should leave for there so that you reach on time. So, now with Google Now, you will not miss anything whether it is making the bill payments or just anything.

3) Stay up to date with everything you wanted to

Google Now not only keeps you updated on things you have searched for recently, but also keeps you informed on weather warnings, breaking news, and other important things. Sometimes, it may happen that you want to remain updated about certain people or their actions in the Internet space, Google will do that for you as well.

4) Get tickets for upcoming events

If you have received an email with ticket for any upcoming event or a concert, Google Now gives you alerts in advance. Not just that you also have one-tap access to the email along with your tickets. Besides, you anyway know that it tells you as to when you should leave. Moreover, it integrates with Fandango allowing you to scan the tickets.

5) Stay alert about books, movies, and TV shows

Google now gives you information about TV shows, books, video games, or music artists. You just need to set it and it will keep you posted about upcoming episodes of your favorite shows. It can even detect if you have a network-connected TV. After listening to what you are watching , it can throw more information about that show if you wish.

6) Shop, online and offline

Google Now provides you with shopping assistance whether you shop online and in-store. In case of online shopping, it provides you with your package’s tracking information. If in case you are somewhere in a mall, in the vicinity of which there is some shopping store, Google Now tells you about that as well. Besides, it anyway tells you about the nearest store you can find the product if you did some research on it recently.

7) Check how far you have traveled

No matter whether you are walking or biking, if you have enabled Location History and Location Reporting on your phone, you will get a card from Google Now that takes your phone’s accelerometer into consideration and estimates how far you have traveled. However, you must keep it in mind that if these features are enables, it will log everywhere you go and that you may not be comfortable disclosing about each and every place you went.

8) Hassle-Free Travelling

Google Now makes travelling more soothing for you by giving you lots of travel related information. For instance, if you are flying, Google Now will maintain a record of your flight in order to intimate when to leave, and will even have your boarding pass ready when you reach the airport. It also gives you various other information related to car rentals, hotel information and photo spots apart from showing you nearby events and places. It can even provide you with currency conversion and cards for translation when you traveling in foreign countries.

9) Stay on top of sports and the stock market

Google Now also gives you update on how your stocks are doing or whether your favorite sports team is going up the podium, all you need to do is to enter your most-followed stocks and your favorite sports teams in the its settings. It also gives you updates on the stocks you have previously searched for as well as the ones you have tracked on Google Finance.

10) Make commuting easier

You will never get caught in traffic unexpectedly with Google Now as it tells you how long it will take you to get at your destination point; all you need to do is enter the destination address in its settings. So, whether it is an event, your work or social get-together or you are in transit, you can save a lot of time. Besides, by chance if you have forgotten as to where you have parked your vehicle, Google Now remembers your parking location. You can even share your current commute with your friends and family so that they can check when you are scheduled to arrive.

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