loudspeaker 1

1) Napster: They can sleep anywhere and everywhere and even the brakes in the buses can’t wake’em up.


2) Stuntmen: They will never reach the stop on time and then will run behind the bus as if it’s a last bus on earth.


3) Super Rich: They will give a 1000 rupee note for 10 rupee fare and then the conductor be like ” Either give the change or get off the bus”


4) Loudspeaker: From where did they got the vocals they talk so  loud that even the person sitting inn the next bus can hear them up 


5) Chepo’s: They take advantage of the crowd in the bus and then look out for reason to touch you.


6) House of Garbage: Oh…  they smell like hell. Don’t understand that whether they don’t know that the water, soap and deo’s exist  or they can’t afford it.

house of garbage

7) Bulky Traveler: One can’t specify that whether they’s going to office or on a trip by watching the bags they carry everyday while travelling

bulky traveller

8) Phone junkies: From the time they enter the bus till the time they get down they’ll be busy on phone. Don’t know from where they get content and stamina to talk this much.

phone obsessed

9) The couple: God save the passenger from hearing that shona baby babu stuff one can’t stop themselves from ignoring that obsessing stuff.


10) Evil babies: They cry their throat out to disturb the people sitting in the bus.


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