1. Self obsessed Cousin: They are always lost inn their own world. They don’t need anyone else to praise them. They keep on praising themselves.

self obsessed

2. The Super Cousin: They are outstanding in everything they do; Be it studies, Sports, Entertainment. They own every skill you name it and they have it.

super cousin

3. The pointers: They will point all your faults in front of everyone and will ask you to admit them and accept them all.


4. The Cautious Uncle: He is always worried about you They ask question which makes no sense at all.

cautious uncle

5. Dance master 5000: They’re the Shiamak Davar of your family. Even Duane Adler is planning to start the next series of Step up for him specially.

dance master 5000

6. The Pan Handler: They Always seek for your help Be it in studies, money or clothing; they will look for you and will make a puppy dog face so that you can’t say “NO”.


7. The Snitch pro: Well, they complaint to your parents about everything. They give each and every single report about you to your parents.

snitch pro

8. The overly fit relative: He is super healthy,Super fit, Lovable by all. He stays healthy, eat healthy, live healthy and fit for all.

overly fit relative

9. The Black Sheep: He is totally a spoiled brat. Your parents will ask you to stay away from him and will forbade you in going out with him.

black sheep

​10. The loud relative: Their expressions to everything are super loud for each and action and deed you appear in. Their response to everything will be unexpected.

loud relative

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