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Gone are the days when people use to attend seminars in faraway places. The ideas can be presented in a better and effective way through webinars. Since its introduction, ways of marketing have greatly improved as it has taken digital marketing by storm.

61% of businesses are using it as a content marketing strategy according to the B2B Content Marketing Research of 2015 by the Content Marketing Institute. It helps in increasing sales enablement effectively.

10 ways to promote the webinar are as follows:

1) Start the promotion prior to the event

One should start promoting it days ago as this way they can attract loyal audience towards it. There are certain approaches which should be used like email marketing, social media for doing so. The pre-event promotion draws the attention of more number of people and end up in providing larger audience.

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2) Do not forget to set Email reminders

The top and most trustworthy way of promoting the webinar to improve sales enablement is Email marketing. It helps you to reach out your target audience. Before conducting the event, send mails to your targeted audience at least three times that is a week ago, a day ago and also an hour ago. This lets you reach more people as they will remember the time and day of the live session.

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3) Target your existing list

List building is always suggested for enhanced and better results. If you maintain a proper list of your audience then you can easily reach them for your upcoming webinar. By simply uploading a list, emails can be sent out. The sales enablement through webinar can be effectively increased through list building.

4) Promote on Social outlets

In order to make your webinar a huge success so that sales can be improved, you must post about it on various social networks. There are chances people may not open the email but everyone use social media almost daily. So, to reduce the chances that people may or may not be informed about your presentation, post about it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

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5) Create a compelling Call to Action

The call to action must give an idea to the audience, what are you going to offer in the webinar. Try to keep it informative and engaging so that it can catch as many eyeballs as possible. The ore enticing it will be, the more it will compel the people to attend the session.

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6) Run ads on different platform

If you have a budget then runs an advertisement campaign about your forthcoming webinar. The best way to draw more attendees in your live session is to make them aware about your event by running ads. There are better chances of increasing sales if more number of people attends the session.

7) Blog post on webinar

To engage audience with your webinar, make a note to write a blog post with a link of the video conferencing session embedded in it. The content should be creative yet informative enough to educate readers. From the blog post people get the detailed information about the webinar and this may also help in sales enablement.

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8) Use pop-up/sliders

Sliders or pop-ups let you promote the webinar in a completely different and unique means. Everyone gets irritated of pop-ups at times but it lets you drive more number of people towards your event. It also lets you collect Email addresses of people so that you can drop them an email about the webinar session. They have proven to be beneficial for increasing sales through webinars.

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9) Ask your partner or affiliate networks

The partners and other affiliate networks of your brand can be used to promote your marketing webinar. Send tweets and emails to your partners about your upcoming event so that they can also pre-tweet about the session on their homepage or website.

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10) Use Event-specific hashtags

The most effective way to build up excitement among the attendees is to create hashtags about the event. This helps in drawing attention of more number of people. And always make sure that your hashtags are short and simple so that it can reach out to large audience.

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