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If you are a blogger you will better know how much traffic means to you. Blog traffic is quite important for the blogs. They let you know how your each blog is performing and what changes are you supposed to bring in your blogs and how to write them in order to improve traffic to it. Not just that traffic to your blog also helps you boost the blog’s ranking in the search engines. There are many ways through which you can achieve your blogging goals.

Let me share 10 most valuable and basics of them especially for the beginners.

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Blog 11 If you are planning to start blogging we suggest you to pick and choose the best blogging platform i.e. WordPress. There are so many incredible qualities because of which WordPress happens to be the best. It is an open source blogging tool and has an easy to use content management system for website building. Unlike HTML Coding or the dreamweaver, you need not to practice a lot to build the blog. Besides, there is one remarkable fact about WordPress is that it usually have higher ranking on search engines than other blogging sites like google blogger, Tumblr and so on leading to more traffic to your blog.

2) Use high-quality SEO Plug-ins

Blog 12 Just now we discussed about WordPress. Another fact about it is that it is quite SEO friendly and is the best platform for creating informative portals. It helps make the optimization of your blog easier as has so many plug-ins. To do the search engine optimization you can make use of the WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin. However, if you want to have a better optimization of your blog you can also purchase a premium SEOPressor plugin as it helps you know the exact SEO score of your blog post. In turn that will give your blog a good ranking on search engines for a particular keyword

3) Add fast loading theme

Blog 13 Next important thing that you need to consider is to add a professional theme on your WordPress blog. There are so many themes available in WordPress – paid or unpaid. If you don’t want to pay you can make use of Swift Basic it’s free or else if you can pay you can make use of Thesis Genesis Frameoworks. Why am I suggesting you to pick these themes as these themes have more features and take less time to load the page? Besides, you already know be it people or the search engines, both of them adore sites that loads quicker.

4) Tailor 404 Error Pages

Blog 14 Try to tailor the 404 error pages in such a way that it should look pleasing to your blog visitor in case they get it. If they get a 404 error make sure that they click on any other link on you blog and not close your blog’s window and search for other sites. This is how you can minimize the bounce rate of your blog and secure the valuable traffic.

5) Attach share buttons to your blog posts

Blog 15 Getting shared your blog post by the readers can bring in wonderful results however to help readers share the blog post you first of all need to add social sharing buttons to your blog. Social sharing buttons not only increase the traffic to your blog but also enhances your ranking on search engines. To help you do it there are a lot of social sharing plugins available on WordPress.



6) Set up Google Analytics to track blog traffic

Blog 16 The next important thing after you have started a blog is to install Google Analytics in order to monitor the performance of the blog. A Google Analytics reports tells you about a lot of things such as the where the visitors are landing on your blog, from where are they coming, which keywords are bringing the results and so on. The best thing about Google Analytics is you can easily sign to it in using your Gmail Id. Depending on that blog stats you can target the specific audience respectively.

Not just that Google Analytics with so many features helps you even to tack the conversions and know about the source of the traffic that’s coming to your blog. Based on these information you can plan your blog accordingly. Besides integrate your Google Analytics account and Google webmaster Tools to acquire more insights about the traffic that’s coming to the blog.

Blog 17 Yes it is content that ultimately pays so pay extra attention on the quality of the content. They say content is the king and it actually is. If you want your blog to be popular then you ought to create good, immaculate, informative and high quality content. Although creating content is not that easy as you need a lot of creativity to do that. But still it is impossible you just need to be smart worker rather than being a hard worker. A good content helps make your visitors to visit gain and again. Besides, you can use sites like you tube to build your authority and email list as well.

8) Keyword Research

Blog 18 Keyword research happens to be one of the most significant techniques in the search engine marketing. To know about the keywords as to which of them are more popular among the audiences you can make use of the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. In order to get more traffic to your blog you can add the keywords people are frequently searching for to your blog post. With the help of these tools you can target the traffic that you want to your blog. Keyword research help you get more organic traffic from the search engines.

9) Guest Posting

Blog 19 Guest posting is wonderful way if you want to drive traffic to your blog from other blogs. Find out good blogs that related to your blog and write on them to bring traffic to your blog. Not just that it also helps you achieve authority. Besides, allow others to guest post on your blog as when the writers will share their post on their social network you will meet new blog visitors.

10) Comments on the Blog

Blog 20 Before I finish let me tell you about one more important thing that is commenting on the blog of the same niche. Try leaving relevant comment on the relevant blogs; it will bring a lot of traffic to your blog. Also, try to leave the first comment as people tend to see the blog of the first commentator as per our observation say.

These were a few tips to increase traffic to your blog instantly. Go ahead apply them and exhibit an augmentation in the traffic to your blog. Blog is a wonderful tool to generate awareness and build trust with the public however you need to do it properly and keep certain things in mind while blogging. This will yield you good results.

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