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11 Most Followed Celebrities On Instagram

By DSIM Team / 05/10/2016
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Last updated on October 7th, 2016 at 10:55 am

From early morning tea in no make-up look to late night parties posing  in breathtakingly-expensive designer clothes, celebs love to share their whereabouts on the widely popular social networking site ‘Instagram’ and we as their die-hard fans love to see them and follow in lure of getting a glimpse of their lavish lifestyle.

Celebrities rule the stage and keep on posting maximum like the pros.

Below is presented a list of 11 most popular and accordingly followed celebrities on the social media behemoth, ‘Instagram’. Let’s check it out and later search them, in impressions of pouting selfies to crazy group photos.

1) Selena Gomez, Followers: 100,918,411


2) Taylor Swift, Followers: 91,807,143

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3) Beyonce, Followers: 85,829,917

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4) Ariana Grande, Followers: 85,618,940

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5) Kim Kardashian, Followers: 84,309,171

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6) Cristiano, Followers: 78,542,297

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7) Kylie Jenner, Followers: 75,939,056

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8) The Rock, Followers: 67,578,817

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9) Nicki Minaj, Followers: 66,882,195

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10) Kendall Jenner, Followers: 66,764,974

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11) neymarjr, Followers: 60,285,595

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