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It’s good you started the content marketing exploration creating notable content; shouldn’t something be said about the rest of the trip that you have to finish?

Obviously, content creation is a major part, yet the other significant area is to correctly do the promotion. When you hit publish, you can’t just take it easy. It’s equally important to promote your new bit of content, so that your audience can find it out.

Here, we have brought a list of 11 places to promote your content after you hit publish, as there is no reason for creating content for a crowd of zero.

1) Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn/Instagram

Social Media has a lot to do with the audience you want to reach to. Each time you publish another blog entry, make sure to share it on prominent social networking destinations. Through the way you are thought to develop your own community of followers.

Facebook and Twitter are few of the broadly figured stages and offer you focused on exposure past your fixed list of connections. Instagram, a visual sharing site has a solid venture into the teenage and adult demographics and works as a great way to share content & receive users’ engagements.

You can share your content in LinkedIn groups too. Here you need to deal with the topics favored by these groups, or you would get supposed as a spammer.

2) Email List

Your email subscribers’ list is a profitable giveaway received at liberty and is offered by individuals keen on your name and content.

Try to impart profitable and critical information to your subscribers, to make them feel that the association built up with you is a commendable choice.

Whenever you have a new blog entry, share it with your followers through email and increase traffic to your site. While doing this, it must be kept balanced as to avoid overpowering your subscribers with messages.

3) Medium

Medium is a community of writers and readers conveying exclusive perspectives on shifted ideas. The stage embraces a quick potential for viral traffic and is an equable new place to share your content. You can also begin your written work, as per the suited requirement.

4) Pinterest

Pinterest, an exceedingly appealing visual sharing site has become a great place to build traffic. You should simply go pinning an appealing image with a link to your blog post and it verves getting readers to you.

You can post images depicting how your product/service can be used, gather audience testimonials, share advices and information and infographics and pin posts to several boards.

5) Quora

‘Quora’, thought to be one of the best sites to get answers to your inquiries can acts as a movement driving stage for your blog. The quality it infers makes readers adhere to the stage for long. You can create your account and share your post links amid answers shared.

Quora has turned into the most ideal approach to get answers from prominent identities and when you begin using the stage, you access expanded brand visibility.

6) SlideShare 

SlideShare is an online networking site where you can transfer your content in type of visual presentations and is an incredible stage to promote it.

As maximum marketers keep focus on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, this channel usually gets missed out. Being ignored and underutilized, SlideShare has less competition and so, you can draw viewers in with publishing well-designed slides.


The importance of visual content is known as it offers increased level of user engagement and so, a community stage for information visualization and infographics fills in as an extraordinary approach that drives results.

To have expertise of visual content has become essential for getting success in content marketing and Infographics locate their own particular place to pass on message to your intended audience group.

You can find, create and submit your infographics on this channel that witnesses arrival of an extensive group of publishers, designers, researchers and regular web users.

8) Do Outreach 

Finding a way to extend the reach of your content through different channels is extremely vital.

As you spend a great amount of time creating content, it becomes important to spend a vigorous amount of time doing the outreach.

Blogger outreach i.e. to share & promote your content on popular blogs, either through guest blogging or sponsored ways is a method that really works to drive results in terms of making content viral.

You can use paid, owned and earned channels, social medias, or communities to publish your content, yet finding audience that value your content worth needs you to define your strategies in an impressive way.

9) Submit to Influencers 

The advantages of reaching out to recognized influencers are obvious. This helps you to range your content to a broader audience. However, finding these influencers and to make them convinced for promoting your posts isn’t easy at all.

You have to build up your effort system with characterized end goal. Influencer marketing works but it takes times and to differentiate yourself amongst others, you need to practice the tactics.

You can use tools like Buzzsumo,, and to reach influencers present across the industry along with their contact details. Twitter additionally has several influential social dynamos with millions of consumers and you can use it as well.

10) Go For Content Syndication 

Content syndication is the way towards striding your blog, webpage, or video content out into third-party destinations, either as a full article, snippet, link connection, or thumbnail.

There are several syndication mediums available including paid and non-paid. The most elementary amongst all is syndication through RSS feeds.

Outbrain, Taboola, Zemanta, SimpleReach, Tumblr, Livejournal are few sources that can be used for executing structured content syndication.

11) Social Bookmarking Sites

Contingent on your specific focus, you can use an assortment of social bookmarking sites to post your content. While using these sites, it’s prudent to settle on a choice subject to your blog/content type. You can get massive traffic by sharing content on these sites as visitors come here to learn from each other.

Reddit, StumbleUpon, Delicious, Diggo are few of the popular social bookmarking sites.

So, you created content, but it’s time to plan & execute the strategies to aid your content reach audiences viably. Consider the above mentioned ways, don’t get bogged down easily and gain increased traffic, likes, and coverage.

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