dare to sahre with your boss

1. The Micro Manager:- A micro-manager is a perfectionist. This boss is involved in everything The Micro Manager usually does not have a good sense of trust on the employees’ abilities. Someone who micro manages always wants to be sure that the employees are always at work.


2. The Dictator:- This type of boss is the least capable of all. He or she will use fear as the weapon to motivate the employees to work. One such tactic use is the consequence of losing one’s job if job is not done well. The Dictator will usually shout and scold their employees for whatsoever reason. The Dictator feels good when people fear them.

the dictator 2

3. The Nutty Boss:- The Nutty boss has unrealistic expectations for his staff. He has a unique way of completing his work, and expects his employees to work in the same manner. He can be gentle, but often causes confusion around his expectations and explanations of projects. This boss is likely to play favorites (as he gravitates towards others with similar interests). The eccentric boss would most likely rather be doing something else, and sometimes this will show.

eccentric (1)

4. The Traditionalist:- This boss has been with the company for years and years. Traditionalists are very set in their ways and don’t take kindly to change. They like to do things the way they’ve always done them. If you work for a traditionalist, be receptive to the old methods. You never know, their methods might actually work pretty well. Occasionally you may be able to introduce them to some new methods. If they never accept change, your boss’s boss will eventually realize something isn’t working.​​


5. The Nitpicker:- According to the nitpicker, everything you do has something wrong with it. It can be the smallest detail, but this boss will make changes to your work, simply because they can. If your manager in a nitpicker, you need to choose your battles. Many times you probably won’t win. Develop ways to argue your case, while making sure your boss still feels in control. Compromise is key.


6. The Buddy:-This boss wants to be friends with all of his or her employees. The buddy wants to be seen as an equal and be well-liked for it. If you have a buddy boss, it’s on you to balance your work time with play time. It’s OK to be friendly with your manager, but don’t let your work slack off as a result. Make sure to treat your boss friendly, but professionally. The buddy boss wants to be your friend, not your “superior.” He wants you to like him, and because friends stick up for friends, it might be a good investment to spend some time with him. However, be forewarned: hanging out with buddy boss during your work hours could have you working nights to keep up. The key here is balance.


7.The Flaunter:- He takes great pride in waving his power and authority around, not just in office but sometimes also at home. A power-brandishing boss loves wearing the mask of a boss, and believes that bosses are the highest-regarded professionals in the world.

The Flaunter

8. The Manipulator Boss:- Also known as the Machiavellian boss, this type is extremely intelligent and one of the most dangerous. The manipulator boss is highly focused, very motivated, and always has a secret plan. He looks at people as a means to an end. The world is a giant pyramid and the apex is his. People he touches or runs over on the way to the top are casualties he writes off. If you work for a manipulator, watch your back. Your best bet is to be open and honest with him. Your boss, who has long forgotten what truth is, will be left impressed by it.


9. The Paranoid Boss:- The paranoid boss is outright suspicious of everyone’s motives. Anything anyone does could be attempts to undermine him. This boss’ feelings of inadequacy will clearly end up interfering in what’s best for the company and his employees. What you can do? Reassure him, and always be honest and forthright.


10. The Two-minute Boss:- He impulsively demands control over situations (“What have you done when I was on vacation?”) and then cuts off your answer two minutes in because he doesn’t have time to discuss it. He frequently, yet randomly, asks you to write reports on your progress, but will rarely remember that he’s asked. The two-minute boss constantly gives the impression that he is way too busy to bother with details. His head is always somewhere else – somewhere more important. Working for this boss is an exercise in the art of speaking concisely. Try to fit everything you have to say in a two-minute time frame, and see what happens.

two  minute boss

11. The Carefree boss:- He knows what his employees are doing & have full faith in their capabilities. They hire a person, identify their skills and put them on right job depending on their skills. This talent make them assured that whatever his employees will do would be the best of what they’ve got. Even the employees of such a person take the best out of their skills.


dare to sahre with your boss

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