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Landing pages play an essential role in bringing the traffic which can be converted into qualified leads. They are all about ROI (Return on Investment) as their focus is on converting visitors into leads. It converts more than your homepage does.

The entry page of your website should be your topmost priority as users visit it the most. So, it should be as such that it grabs the attention of the visitors and appeal them to know more about your services.

In this article, we have covered up 10 superb examples of landing pages that you would like to copy to improve your conversion rates.

1) Codecademy 

Both the copy and design are simple yet informative. The image is present just above the fold displaying a computer screen which shows the HTML bracket with a blinking cursor. The form is accompanied with a capricious and clear visual in which you need to fill the basic information for creating the account. And if you need more information before filling out the form then you can even watch the video which explains it all. And those who need to be further convinced should keep looking as it also offers you with testimonials.

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2) CampusTap

The supporting copy of meaningful words beneath the site’s name appears tempting to the college kids. The copy of this site gives it an exclusive look. The minimal landing page does not offer much information to the viewers but actually works well in grabbing their attention. The words, ‘The Leading Career and Mentoring Platform’ displayed on the site gives the user a sense of satisfaction.

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3) Lyft

The reason why most of us find Lyft’s landing page lovable and amazing is that the main motive of the brand is displayed in the best way possible. In addition, it also has an ‘Apply Now’ form for drivers through which they can easily calculate, how much they would earn in a week time. It does not take them to the new page rather appears with a ‘Call to Action’ button for applying.

With the help of this, two different types of audience can be converted, one who are ready to make the decision and others who need some time before converting.

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4) Breather

Another example of delightful design and smart landing page is Breather. It has an instant Call to Action which indicates where you can find a workspace. It has simple yet effective copy, so that visitors get to know what does the company offers. It uses location services in order to figure out where you are so; it can provide you with instant options nearby.

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5) Cigital

The simplicity and relevant imagery makes this page work. The straight forward headline and brief description of the eBook help the users in knowing the specific value of it, why they should download it. The stand out on the page is yellow color CTA button- ‘Contact sales’.

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6) Muck Rack

This landing page has almost everything in it. The interactive and appealing visuals speak volume about the Muck Rack’s services. It is easy to navigate and intuitive both at the same time. The top is split up into two, featuring two different services. As soon as the visitor moves the mouse over the CTA’s, a simple form pops up which plays a great role in converting.

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7) WebDam

This landing page has many neat features. The little icons displayed in the front of text indicate the information needed to be displayed. The form has a blue background which gives it a noticeable image with a complementary orange color for the submit button. And the persuasive copy appeals the viewers to click on it.

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8) Tune

The beautiful design of the page with calls-to-action and neatly displayed contact information gives it a tempting look. The welcoming line of the page, ‘We are here to help’ tells that how supportive they are and visitors feel that they are being taken care of by the company. The friendlier your page will be, the more it will help in conversion.

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9) Morroni

These days, most of the people prefer to fill out the forms rather than attending the calls. The landing page of this site stands out from others due to its convincing landing page copy stating, ‘GIVE US A SHOUT OUT’ and a compelling Call-to-action.  While choosing, what you should ask in your form makes sure that whatever you ask for must be related to your business and helps you in generating potential leads.

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10) Khan Academy

The best part of this homepage is that it caters different types of audience. The page is designed for three types of visitors: for those who want to learn, who want to teach and parents who want to use it for their children. And it even motivates the people by stating, ‘You can learn anything’. When the viewers feel that they have gathered enough information, they can click on CTA: ‘Start Learning Now’ and will be directed to the form.

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So, there you have a list of some of the best examples of landing pages that you would love to copy. So, take a look that what these brands offer and accordingly make the changes to improve your conversion rates by providing the visitors easier and enjoyable experience.

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