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1) Number of eBay users: 162 million users

2) Total number of sellers: 25 million sellers

3) Number of items listed in the eBay marketplaces: more than 800 million

4) Number of daily searches on eBay: 250+ million searches

5) Number of hourly searches on eBay: 11 million searches

6) Percentage of goods on eBay that is new: 80%

7) Total number of global eBay app downloads: 279 million downloads

8) Percentage of eBay sales that are “touched” by mobile: 40%

9) eBay Q4 2015 revenue: $2.32 billion

10) eBay Q3 2015 revenue: $2.1 billion

11) eBay Q2 2015 revenue: $4.4 billion

12) eBay Q1 2015 revenue: $4.45 billion

13) Number of eBay employees: 35,000 employees

14) Percentage of eBay leadership that are women: 28%

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