15 Webinar Statistics Matter To Your Marketing Strategies

15 Webinar Statistics Matter to Your Marketing Strategies



  1. 60% of marketers are using webinars as part of their content marketing programs.
  2. 3 is the magic number in terms of email campaigns used per webinar.
  3. Webinar audiences prefer attending webinars that run between 30 and 40 minutes long.
  4. Research shows that people will only commit to attending one webinar per week.
  5. 10 or 11 o’clock in the morning is actually the time people prefer most for webinar.
  6. The average webinar attendance rate is 40-50% of registrants.
  7. Tuesday and Wednesday are the best days to host webinar.
  8. 92% of webinar attendees want a live Q&A session at the end of a webinar.
  9. 33% of all webinar signups occur on the day of the webinar.
  10. 32% of attendees said they felt the most engaged when the webinar host was passionate and energetic.
  11. 17% of your attendees will probably sign up more than 15 days before the webinar.
  12. 29% of attendees won’t register for your presentation until the day of the webinar itself.
  13. Polls are only used 34% of the time during webinar.
  14. 48% of people said that webinars were least enjoyable when there was a poor presenter.
  15. The average cost of conducting a webinar is between $100 and $3,000 depending on promotion and technology costs.
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