1) 40% of marketing professionals quote affiliate marketing as the most desired digital skill

2) 78% of CMOs admit affiliate marketing to be their least mastered area of digital marketing

3) Approximately 15% of all digital media industry’s revenue comes from affiliate marketing

4) Developed affiliate programs account for generating 15% to 30% of all advertiser’s online sales

5) 38% of marketers call affiliate marketing one of the top customer acquisition methods

6) Nearly 50% of affiliate-referred traffic originates from a mobile device

7) More than 30% of affiliate-generated sales originate from a mobile device

8) ShareASale affiliate network has more than 1,000,000 affiliate accounts registered

9) Over 80% of brands utilize affiliate marketing

10) In the UK brands spend £1.3B a year on affiliate marketing and lead generation

11) In 2015 revenue surpassed $100B. Likely, its affiliates generated at least $10B of it

12) As early as in 2008 Amazon’s affiliate program already had over 2 million affiliates aboard

13) Rakuten’s acquisition of Ebates for $1 billion marked largest amount paid for an affiliate

14) More than 75% of Australian market is owned by one affiliate network, Commission Factory

15) In most affiliate programs less than 10% of affiliates drive 90% of traffic and conversions

16) Over 50% of top affiliate programs fall into 4 categories: Fashion, Sports, Health & Beauty, Travel

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