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To embark on a blogging journey is a humble procedure, but back then to get noticed is something that needs to understand and practice reasonable clues. Once you begun blogging, there are habits ensuing which you get the understanding of the way a blog keeps on growing. Let’s start and bring some tangible results through the shown ways:

1. Be honest and add value

As said it’s not needed to be groundbreaking to remain impactful, rather you should add value to be successful. The idea of your blogging must not ramble and have a clear objective with genuine approach. It is not possible to walk through the life/blogging being someone that you are not; be true to yourself and your readers too and nourish your relationships.

2. Get tied up with your readers

Being there for your readers is a key to build a strong and loyal readership and this is achieved when you take care of readers’ opinions. Make sure to spend time with your readers by giving response to their comments and questions.

3. Find your thirst

Doing what you love is an exercise that keeps you rejuvenating and allows you to do justification with your work. Your passion not only encourages you, but most importantly helps you add value and enrichment to your work.

4. Work hard

For your blog, you are the founder, the owner, the editor and the boss and you must work persistently. You should remain clear with the objective and work hard to achieve that. Treat your blogging effort like a business and so, you need to commit your time for making it better being the creative boss.

5. Read, study, learn, practice and then, read more

To get noticed as a blogger, you must practice the art of consistent learning. Remember, reading enriches you and your knowledge and works as the best way to bring & serve useful, creative and original content on the table.

6. Blog rich in content

To position yourself as a blogger, you cannot compromise with the quality of content. Bring specificity to make information vivid and existing and bring your readers into your world. Take your writing up to the standard of awesomeness and notice how much relatable you become to your audience.

7. Make your blog sizzle with visuals

Take some time to scour the Internet and you will find that the websites with strong visual appeal make you stop and appreciate their efforts. There are several photo websites that help you find free quality and pleasing photos.

Use these and make your blog pretty awesome. Choose photos to reflect your brand and let your blog live in this Social Media world strikingly.

8. Tell Stories

Share stories and let your readers not only find you, but to relate to you. It’s known that a reader finds a connection when he sees himself in your story and weaving story into your post gives reader an opportunity to enjoy the glimpse of your journey.

9. Brainstorm the post ideas

Brainstorming, a powerful creative strategy when performed properly brings better ideas. Make the most of your ideas brainstorm and go beyond the basics bringing all together, an ethical appeal, a logical appeal as well as an emotional appeal to your blog posts.

10. Blog frequently

You cannot blog once a week and expect your readers to come to your site every day. The more often you come up with your blog posts, the better your presence becomes. Readers are always in quest of finding valuable and additional information and so, manage time for your posts.

11. Design is marketing

As a blogger, you should nit-pick every little thing about your blog design. Being average is not enough, you need to be the best and this is half-achieved when you have an awesome blog design.  This is certainly going to help you to please your readers.

12.Take advantage of social media

Using Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook is the absolute way to grow your blog and get your name noticed. Social Media helps connect you with people who may not have found you otherwise.

Take advantage of it and promote your posts on these channels and social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon, Digg, Delicious and others.

13. Use strategies to increase your page views

To have increased traffic is somehow linked to the expanding presence of a blog; more you get noticed, more you have visitors. There are several strategies that can help you gain reliable and qualified traffic on your blog site.

Keep updating your blog, invest time doing promotion of posts on social media, bring appealing content, add social sharing buttons and incorporate keywords/links and increase your page views.

14. Connect with others

To connect with other people amongst the blogging communities is a great way to mark and expand your presence. Here, you attain networking and information, which basically help you increase your visibility in the community. Even, you can become a guest author on popular blogs and avail chances to get noticed.

15. Make your blog readers love you

To let people choose your blog over another available, you should make them fall in love with you. You can do this by figuring out your target audience’s wants and meeting these accordingly. Be consistent and try to build connection with readers, writing in your own voice. You are definitely going to get a ton of appreciation from your readers.

16. Use plugins subject to your blog genre

With the help of plugins used on a blog site, you can run it in a much easier way. The best part is that you need not to annoy your readers and can conveniently keep a check on the relevant stats. From navigation to keeping a record of your visitors, these plugins are sufficiently capable to get your name noticed in blogging.

17. Make things easy for your readers

It is so important to make things convenient for your readers. Whether it is about font, share buttons, commenting system or anything else, these must be in simple forms making your readers’ experiences opportune and comfortable.

This is your individuality which makes your friends and families love you boundlessly and when you bring this into your blogging, your readers are absolutely going to fall in love with your name. Blogging isn’t easy and takes a lot of trial and errors. Practice these tips and have a killer online presence.

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