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Instagram is an active social media platform with billions of users. Many of them use their accounts for personal touch up and many to fulfill their business aspirations.

But, to achieve the goals of increasing followers, engagement rate, leads and strategize every business plan, one needs a true support.

This support is available in the form of various tools; yes you can use them to turbocharge your Instagram account.

Here is the list of 19 best Instagram tools-

1) Afterlight 2

For: Photo Editing
Pricing: $2.99

Afterlight 2

Afterlight 2, an advanced form of Afterlight has elegantly been re-designed and re-created to enhance the performance of image appearance.

It also includes a wide range of brand new features like “Image File Support, Photo Extension, Custom Filters, Advanced Pro Tools, and Photo Frames”.

You can conveniently edit your photos for Instagram with the help of the tool.

2) Autohash

For: Finding Hashtags
Pricing: Free, with in-app purchases


Hashtags are an essential part of Instagram and make the captions categorized as well as enable people to easily discover your image and text for their purposes.

If you are looking for a tool that gets you out of manual hashtag processes as well as you want to add best hashtags in your post, then use Autohash.

The tool will get you both features without making any effort.

3) Buffer

For: Scheduling
Pricing: Free, with paid plans starting at $10/mo


If you want to get out of content scheduling and posting, the Buffer is the ideal tool for you.

You can conveniently schedule your all social media posts and it will publish them as per your preference.

It’s one-stop dashboard for managing your entire social media efforts. Buffer lets you enjoy the activities you do on your social accounts.

4) Canva

For: Images
Pricing: Free/Paid


You will absolutely love the way Canva’s website has been designed. You would surely navigate the site before using as it’s truly a fun.

Sign up and enter the world of Canva to access multiple features that are eagerly waiting for you.

Canva eminently resolves the problem of creation of outstanding images.

Whether you want to add an improved version of a random click to your Instagram or Facebook account, Canva gives you the best outputs.

It’s really useful for bloggers who every day creates a new and beautiful story.

5) Display Purposes

For: Finding Hashtags
Pricing: Free

Display Purposes

If you are still in the maze of finding desired hashtags, Display Purposes is going to help.

Enter the website and find out the best hashtag with the help of search engine available on the website.

You can find a guide there which will help you in using the hashtag on Instagram.

Enhance your social media presence and get your text and images discovered across a wide range of audience. The tool is useful for marketing purposes as well.

6) Focalmark

For: Finding Hashtags
Pricing: Free, with in-app purchases


Focalmark is a different kind of tool for selecting hashtags.

It uses human research along with a ranking algorithm so that it can suggest it’s users to add the hashtag which connects their images to genuine audiences.

The blend of human and machine ensure that users going to useful suggestion and real-time exposure. You’ll surely get authentic hashtag for your Instagram account.

7) Hootsuite

For: Scheduling
Pricing: Free, with Pro Plans starting at $19/mo


Are you having difficulties in managing your social media account?

No worries as Hootsuite allow you to manage to find, schedule and organize on social media content from one place.

This not only eases your work but also saves your precious time that can be used for some other engagements.

You can learn about “scheduling, content curation, tracking and proving social ROI” and much more on the website.

8) Iconosquare

For: Analytics
Pricing: $7-$59/mo (billed annually)


Trying to promote your business on social media like Instagram and Facebook, but unable to analyze the scores.

Iconosquare can serve you with the best social media analytics tool that would really spur you to achieve the goals.

You will be able to unlock the potential of social media in a much better way. When you get concurrent updates and insights for your business then your decisions improve.

You can plan and schedule your content to save your precious time with the tool.

9) Instagram Shoppable Feed

For: Selling More
Pricing: $4.99/month (with 7-day free trial)

Instagram Shoppable Feed

So, here is another tool for businesses looking forward to do great on Instagram.

As the name suggests, the tool helps businesses add photos to their Instagram store and tag the product shown in every photo with the objectives of promotion.

The tool allows creating a special gift for the visitors through the images and enticing them to become a lead.

10) Later

For: Scheduling
Pricing: Free, with premium plans starting at $9/mo


Later is an amazing content scheduling tool for Instagram. You can easily plan and schedule your Instagram posts with the help of the tool.

Not just photos, scheduling of videos are also possible with the help app. You can manage your media library while syncing up from the computer, Dropbox, and Drive.

Your preview your post and content with the visual Instagram planner. A lot of activities on the social media are easily possible with the tool.

11) Photoshop Express

For:  Photo Editing
Pricing: Free

Photoshop Express

The Photoshop tool is brought by Adobe and it’s for those who love to “Snap, Edit, Share & Smile” as well as it enables you to get a look that you love.

Adobe Photoshop Express makes you creative through your fingertips.

The tool enables its users to edit images and make collages from Facebook & Google photos, your Dropbox, Adobe Creative Cloud and other devices.

It’s time to make “Artistic Collage” for you and your dear ones.

12) PicFlow

For: Image
Pricing: Free with in-app purchases


Thinking about the blend of photos and music, download PicFlow. The tool is free with in-app purchases and it will make you crazy to go creative.

You can make videos and slides when spending quality time spent with friends on sunset or at eateries or with pets. Yes, enhance your personal experiences and much more.

The app gets a long list of features, awesome for your needs.

13) Real-Time Customer Intelligence

For: Follower Analysis
Pricing: Free, paid plans starting at $19/mo

Real-Time Customer

“Get a 14 day risk-free trial” for the app and know its capabilities.

With the help of the tool, you’ll able to identify and entice prominent customers to generate more sales.

Identify the influencers and make them your brand ambassadors; pick the eminent journalist and bloggers who are already accessing your product and want to review your business.

This app gives you all above-mentioned services.

14) Repost for Instagram

For: Reposting
Pricing: Free

Repost for Instagram

If you are willing to repost your beautiful and gracious photos and videos on Instagram, then Repost for Instagram tool is surely for your achieving successful results.

If you have a group of customers who post user-generated content and you want to curate those images, use Repost for doing that.

It’s available for download in Google Play and App Store, both.

15) Schedugram

For: Scheduling
Pricing: $20 – $100/mo (depending on follower count)


When you are about to use Schedugram, you are going to have features like “Instagram Scheduler, Visual Planner, Photo Editor, Social Media Calendar” and much more.

Well, you will have reasons to purchase this tool such as “It gives ‘no notifications or alerts’ to irritate users; it doesn’t promote ‘sneaky business’ ideas rather it’s fast and offers helpful support”. Are you ready to take this to your mobile? Then, get it now.

16) Snapseed

For:  Photo Editing
Pricing: Free


Snapseed is an amazing photo editing tool developed by Google and its key features are truly one of the best in the industry.

It has “29 tools and filters, opens files like JPG & RAW, saves your personal look and implements them to new images later, specific filter brush” and much more.

If you want to enhance your Instagram performance, this tool can surely get done your ambitions. Download now as it’s completely free.

17) Sprout Social

For: Analytics
Pricing: $99 – $249/mo per user

Sprout Social

Social media management becomes easy with Sprout Social, the “Powerful Social Media Software”.

You can optimize your social media (here Instagram) content as you’ll able to plan and schedule the conversation that own importance for you.

You can also enhance customer’s loyalty by engaging them in a conversation that speaks about your brand and their profit.

Sprout Social is of much use, to use just have to take its free trial.

18) VSCO

For: Images
Pricing: Free


Check out VSCO!!!

The tool is an absolute gift for them who loves to be in a community. You can explore the community in which you want to spend your quality time.

VSCO describes itself as a “Photo Company” and truly fulfills its words by offering creative tools.

If you are a photographer or a creative creator and want to add more reality, spice or groove to your images, VSCO is surely going to help you. Try this one as it asks for no charges.

19) Websta

For: Analytics
Pricing: Free


Marketers always look for the tools that can help them to remain in a community as well as enhance their engagement rate.

So, here is Websta to accomplish all such objectives, enabling marketers to understand their Instagram community in a better way and allowing them to engage with followers in a much fruitful way.

Alike VSCO, it’s also free and great for use.


Instagram is a social media platform that entertains its users in two ways, personally and professionally.

The above-mentioned tools will help all Insta users especially marketers in improving image, videos, strategies, and engagement through different functionalities.

All 19 tools are impeccable and high performing.

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  1. Great list!
    Maybe you could include one more Instagram tool – Snoopreport. It tracks user actions on Instagram as likes, comments and follows so it helps to research user insights and user engagement strategy

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