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1) Total number of Wikipedia users is 27.4 million.

2) Wikipedia has gigantic 38 million numbers of articles.

3) Number of articles in English is more than 5 million.

4) Average number of monthly page-views for Wikipedia is 18 billion.

5) Total number of page edits since Wikipedia was set up is 812,235,848.

6) On an average, edits per page is 21.13.

7) Wikipedia’s most visited page till date is “Lists of deaths by year”.

8) Total number of pages on Wikipedia which is in English is 38 million.

9) Number of Wikipedia active editors is 115,000.

10) On an average, 800 new articles are added per day.

11) Percentage of Wikipedia articles that belong to the English-edition is 13%.

12) Swedish is the second most popular language on Wikipedia.

13) Total size of Wikipedia is 30 terabytes.

14) Number of Wikipedia administrators is 1386.

15) Number of active contributors to Wikipedia is more than 76,000.

16) Wikipedia has articles in more than 285 languages.

17) 6000 articles contain videos on Wikipedia.

18) Percentage of Wikipedia articles that contain videos is 0.12%.

19) Most edited Wikipedia page in history is of George W. Bush.

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