8 Must Track Metrics While Refining Your Internet Marketing Strategy!

8 Must Track Metrics While Refining Your Internet Marketing Strategy!

You are conducting a marketing campaign and now it is the time for you to analyze and refine your internet marketing strategy. Some questions keep coming in your mind quite often that what all metrics you need to track to work on the improvement and do the refinements. There are some key factors that need to be kept in mind for your refinements to have a big impact. This is why we have researched on it and have come up with eight important metrics that you must consider while refining your internet marketing strategy. Before you go ahead and start improving your marketing activities, let’s first thrash out the relevant metrics.

Marketing grade tells you about the information to guide you through any optimization process. Instantaneously note the weaknesses and strengths across your marketing funnel.

2. Traffic

Web Traffic tells you about how many people flocked your website and what conduits drove the most and least traffic. This knowledge helps you make iterations and launch a campaign that will augment visits.

3. Leads

What part of the traffic is getting converted to potential leads and finally to potential customers. Ideally this number should relentlessly amplify to guarantee a steady flow of revenue.
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4. Customers

You should always be comparing your campaigns and conduits with the number of customers you achieved. You need to know about the sales that you closed this month and compare it with the data of previous months.

5. Potential Keywords

To run your campaign successfully you need to know which keywords are bringing in the large part of traffic to your website and use these keywords further to drive more and more traffic to your website. You can take the help from Google analytics to know more about keywords and their impacts.

6. Cost of drawing each new customer

You must keep a track of the amount that you pay to draw each new customer. You are suggested to focus more on inbound marketing rather than doing it on outbound marketing methods in order to save a lot of money.

7. New and Repeat Visitors

Both the types of visitors are good for your business be it the new or the repeat visitors. If they are new visitors it implies that they have searched you while looking for the information they wanted and repeat visitor implies that you have given them a good reason to come back. You need to find a balance between the two.

8. Effectiveness by Conduits

You might get traffic spurts from press releases and news coverage but that should not be your goal. Your goal should be to focus more on long term results. Figure out which conduits are bringing in more traffic to your website. Work on them.

These were the significant metrics that need to be tracked while analyzing and refining your internet marketing strategy. Now when you have the relevant information about these metrics, thing must have become clearer and easier for you to take initiatives.

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