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Top 15 Websites Worldwide By Unique Visitors

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Every day while surfing on the internet you come across various websites but have you ever felt curious to find out the most popular websites of the world? Have you ever thought about websites that see most unique visitors in the world? By the way do you know what exactly a unique visitor is? I’m sure you know! However, let me brush up your information on unique visitor before we go any further.

Unique visitor is a metric that refer to a person who visits a site at least once for a given period of time. However, each visitor to the site is only counted once during that given period of time, so if the same IP address accesses the site the site many times, it still only counts as one visitor.

Now based on the number of unique visitor they have, here are top 20 websites from all around the world.
Let’s have a quick look to them.

1) Google.com

Unique visitors: 1,100,000,000
Global rank: 1
About Google.com: Web search engine

2) YouTube.com

Unique visitors: 1,000,000,000
Global rank: 3
About YouTube.com: Platform for uploading, sharing and watching user-created videos

3) Facebook.com

Unique visitors: 900,000,000
Global rank: 2
About Facebook.com: Social networking site to keep in touch with friends

4) Yahoo.com

Unique visitors: 750,000,000
Global rank: 4
About Yahoo.com: Search engine and platform that connects to users to other Yahoo properties, such as Yahoo Finance and Flickr

5) Amazon.com

Unique visitors: 500,000,000
Global rank: 9
About Amazon.com: Online shopping destination for electronics, apparel, sporting goods and even food

6) Wikipedia.org

Unique visitors: 475,000,000
Global rank: 6
About Wikipedia.org: A free, web-based encyclopedia platform

7) EBay.com

Unique visitors: 350,000,000
Global rank: 21
About eBay.com: Online shopping Website

8) Twitter.com

Unique visitors: 290,000,000
Global rank: 11
About Twitter.com: Real-time communications platform

9) Bing.com

Unique visitors: 285,000,000
Global rank: 23
About Bing.com: Web search engine

10) MSN.com

Unique visitors: 280,000,000
Global rank: 33
About MSN.com: A collection of Microsoft-owned Internet properties

11) Microsoft.com

Unique visitors: 275,000,000
Global rank: 38
About Microsoft.com: Destination for purchasing Microsoft products, and downloading MS software and updates

12) LinkedIn.com

Unique visitors: 250,000,000
Global rank: 12
About LinkedIn.com: Social networking website for people in professional occupations

13) WordPress.com

Unique visitors: 240,000,000
Global rank: 19
About WordPress.com: Blogging platform

14) Pinterest.com

Unique visitors: 150,000,000
Global rank: 28
About Pinterest.com : Social networking website that allows users to save images and categorize them on different boards.

15) Ask.com

Unique visitors: 145,000,000
Global rank: 34
About Ask.com: A Google-powered search engine

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