How FabFurnish Increased Its Revenue By 10 Times Using Facebook Custom Audiences

How FabFurnish Increased its Revenue by 10 Times Using Facebook Custom Audiences



How-FabFurnish-Increased-its-Revenue-by-10times-Using-Facebook-Custom-Audiences is India’s largest furniture, furnishings, kitchenware and home decor retailer. It sells stylish, modern and affordable products via its ecommerce website and through its retail stores.


• Boost traffic to its website and grow sales by at least 20% month-on-month using Facebook Ads


“For its remarketing strategy, used a Custom Audience to target people who had visited its website but didn’t buy anything.”

• Photo ads were run by to showcase its most visually appealing products
• Link ads were displayed in both the desktop News Feed and the right column to drive traffic directly to the company’s website.



• Top-quality images were produced in-house for the photo ads and compelling copy with strong calls to action were crafted by in order to guarantee effective creative ad content.


• People living in India’s biggest cities and high-spenders who had expressed an interest in furniture on Facebook were targeted by in order to reach the right people. They made use of lookalike audiences to target people with a similar Facebook profile to customers in their database. They also segmented the customers in their database and then targeted those using Custom Audiences.



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Products used

• News Feed Placements
• Custom Audiences
• Lookalike Audiences


Facebook became the biggest revenue-generator for by helping the company to significantly grow its sales revenue and drive people to its website for over a one-year period between May 2013 and April 2014.

Just in one year, saw:

• 10X increase in revenue
• 5X increase in website traffic
• 12X increase in orders
• 2X increase in its return on ad spend

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