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11 Signs You Can Have Successful Career in Digital Marketing


Last updated on November 25th, 2016 at 07:11 pm

by- Kunal Choudhary, Digital marketer, Public speaker and trainer at DSIM

At times I wonder what would be the salary of secret agent 007 James Bond that he doesn’t think before getting his life in trouble for his job? Well, I do not know how much Mr. Bond earns but they say that if you love your job, you don’t have to work even for a single day in your life and you still get paid.

Mr. Bond was lucky to find what he loves so much- “breaking bones”. Well! I can’t promise for a secret agent’s job, but how about identifying a career, a job that you may love?

Digital Marketer” is a job title that is as appealing as ‘secret agent 007’ in India at present. Well…Almost!
So how to find out whether you are appropriate for it or not?

Below I have listed down 10 signs that signal you can have a successful career in digital marketing.

2) Web is like your soul mate

If you love surfing web and doing a lot activities on it for distinguished purposes like searching for information, a casual research, hunting for product and services, shopping and so on, then you can be a right fit for a digital marketing career as digital marketing is all about internet, a little bit of creativity, a pinch of innovation and some smart work.

3) Can’t resist checking Smartphone notifications

If you check updates every time your phone has a notification and don’t find it to be even a bit bothering then this is anunambiguous sign that you can have a successful career in digital marketing, for this field involves a lot of work like this.



4) Exploring multiple social platforms pulls you

If the largest social network is not enough alone and that you own an account on any one or more of these -Twitter,Instagram, Pinterest, etc, then, you should know that you have that quality of a typical successful digital marketer in your blood. All you need to do is to refine these qualities. That’s it!

5) You are one of those inquisitive souls

If you click on ads just to see what it is, who is behind it, and so on, you can have a successful career in digital marketing just like the way successful engineers had the quality of mantling and dismantling things even when they were kids. No matter they ended up breaking their toys! 😀

6) Google is your selfless guide

If before asking any question to your friends/colleagues you just Google in, it means you can handle your digital marketing ventures capably on your own as this is what digital marketing requires you to do to accomplish a lot of tasks. Besides, they say if in this digital era if it’s not on Google, it’s perhaps nowhere.

7) You are creative somewhere inside

If you read blog very often and you have or plan to have a website of your own and share your thoughts around then getting success in digital marketing isn’t a big deal for you the way content marketing, one of the highest-flying wings of digital marketing, is increasingly becoming the need of the hour. So, you can always cater to the content needs of businesses or can earn money through Adsense & Blogging.

9) You have those “entrepreneurial qualities” in you

If you have an entrepreneur inside you waiting patiently for an opportunity, then digital marketing proffers you that and you don’t need much capital, time, money or effort to become an entrepreneur in this field. All you need is some money, some time, some effort, some smart work and a lot of effective utilization of resources. That’s it!

10) You believe in Smart work than hard work

If you find it too lazy to open your laptop and browse web from your Smartphone, then you don’t even need too, for digital marketing will not want you to do that all the time if you need to achieve success in it. Besides, mobile marketing is anyway the present and future of marketing.

11) You weigh relationships very high

It is all about human relationships and that’s what web is all about. Brands connect people, interact with them and engage them on web. So, if you weigh building and maintaining relationships very high, you can actually hit a century in the digital marketing’s one day.



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