28 Awesome Youtube Stats That Will Blow Away Your Mind Dsim.in

28 Awesome Youtube Stats that will blow away your mind

  • YouTube started life as a dating site called ‘Tune In, Hook Up’
  • Started on Valentines day, February, 2005
  • Google bought YouTube in 2006 for $1.65billion.
  • Alexa Ranking: Ranked 3 rd after Google and Facebook
  • First video was titled “Me at the zoo”
  • No of users: Over 1 billion (2014)
  • Year 2014 revenue: $4billion
  • No of video views per day: 4 billion (2012)
  • Videos uploaded every minute: 300 hours video (2014)
  • Hours of videos watched per month: 6 billion (2014)
  • Amount of videos in HD: 10%
  • No of days’ worth of YouTube videos that are viewed on Facebook every minute: 323 (2014)
  • Average mobile video views per day: 1 billion (2013)
  • Top earning video channel: Disney Collection BR (2014)
  • Amount of time users spent watching the top 10 ads in 2014: 1 billion minutes
  • Year 2013 revenue: $3.5 billion
  • Total views in 2011: 1 trillion
  • Percentage of traffic from mobile: 40% (2013)
  • Percentage of traffic from mobile: 50% (2014)
  • No of countries in which YouTube is available: 61
  • No of languages in which YouTube is available: 75
  • Country with most desired users: Saudi Arabia with 90 million views per day
  • Increase in mobile revenue YOY: 100%
  • Percentage of traffic from outside US: 80%
  • No of views generated every day from Saudi Arabia: 90 million
  • Most subscribed channel: Music (87 million)
  • It is the second largest search engine (bigger than Bing, Yahoo, ASK and Yahoo all combined)
  • Monthly unique visitors: 800 Million+
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