31 Vine And SnapChat Facts And Stats You Might Not Be Knowing Dsim.in

31 Vine and SnapChat facts and stats you might not be knowing


Vine stats

1) Number of users: 40+ million (2013)

2) Number of people that watch Vine videos each month: 100 million (2014)

3) Number of Vine loops played daily: 1.5 billion (2015)

4) Number of Vine loops played annually: more than half a trillion (2015)

5) Average number of Vine videos uploaded on Twitter daily: 12 million (2013)

6) Number of videos shared every minute by Vine users: 8.333 (2014)

7) Percentage of US internet users, aged 14-17 that uses Vine: 31.8% (2014)

8) Percentage of US teens that posted a video to Vine from a mobile device: 23%

9) Percentage increase in Vine usage among global teens from Q1-Q3 2013: 639%

10) Number of Vines tweeted every second: 5 (2013)

11) Most popular time to share Vines: Weekends (2013)

12) Vine’s mobile app user growth from Dec 13 to May 14: 27%

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SnapChat Stats

1) SnapChat launch date: September 2011

2) Number of SnapChat users: 100 million daily active users (2015)

3) Percentage of all US social media that uses SnapChat: 18% (2015)

4) Percentage of SnapChat users that are women: Approx. 70% (2013)

5) Number of SnapChat snaps per day: 400 million (2013)

6) Percentage of SnapChat users that are under the age of 25: 71% (2014)

7) Percentage of drivers that admit to check SnapChat while driving: 11% (2015)

8) SnapChat’s share of overall selfies shared on social media: 5% (2014)

9) Percentage of college students that use SnapChat daily: 77% (2014)

10) Percentage of SnapChat daily users that contribute content: 65% (2015)

11) SnapChat’s mobile app growth from Dec 13 to May 14: 67%

12) SnapChat’s most popular feature: Stories (2014)

13) Number of SnapChat stories viewed per day: 1 billion (2014)

14) Reported amount that top SnapChat starts earning: $100,000 per week (2014)

15) SnapChat’s growth in 2014: 57%

16) Percentage of businesses that use SnapChat: 1% (2014)

17) Reported value of SnapChat: $15 billion (2015)

18) Minimum age required to use SnapChat: 13 years

19) Amount Facebook reportedly to buy SnapChat for: $3 billion

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