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[Infographic]- Why Choose A Career in Digital Marketing?

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Digital marketing is becoming mainstream in India. Information consumption has shifted from the page to the ‘screen’.

Most of us consume our news, communicate with our social circle and even conduct our businesses online. Businesses are constantly pushing their apps, offering discounts to their mobile users and creating content for their digital platforms.

Digital marketing is a vast field with a variety of areas and segments such as Social media, Content writing, Email marketing, SEO/SEM, Data Analysis, Designing, and much more…To get into Digital Marketing, you need to identify your interests and strengths in order to make a right decision to specialize in a particular area of Digital Marketing.

Whether you’re already on the road as a digital marketer, or looking for evidence that a career in digital marketing is worth pursuing, DSIM hopes the following Infographic will clear up a few things for you.


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