Amazing Tumblr Statistics & Facts

Amazing Tumblr Statistics & Facts

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tumblr-facts1) Date of Tumblr Launch: February 2007

2) Number of Tumblr users: 550 million monthly users

3) Number of Tumblr Blogs: 280.4 million blogs

4) Average Daily Tumblr Signups: 120,000

5) Number of Tumblr Posts: 129.7 billion posts

6) Average number of daily Tumblr posts: 53.3 million

7) Average Tumblr visit length: 28 minutes

8) Total Monthly Tumblr Visitors (Global): 199.1 million

9) Percentage of Tumblr’s audience that access it through a mobile device: 78%

10) Tumblr mobile engagement growth from 2012-2013: 251%

11) Number of times the average Tumblr post is reblogged: 14 times

12) Revenue per visit from Tumblr referrals: $.70

13) Tumblr’s most reblogged Food of 2015: cake

14) Tumblr’s most reblogged Book of 2015: The Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling

15) Tumblr’s most reblogged City of 2015: New York City

16) Tumblr’s most reblogged Liberal art of 2015: feminism

17) Tumblr’s most reblogged News topic of 2015: Black Lives Matter

18) Tumblr’s most reblogged Media blog of 2015: BuzzFeed’s Tumblr

19) Most reblogged Fashion trend on Tumblr in 2015: Grunge

20) Most reblogged Fashion brand on Tumblr in 2015: Nike

21) Tumblr’s most reblogged Talk show hosts of 2015: Jon Stewart

22) Tumblr’s most reblogged Pop culture topic of 2015: Zayn leaves One Direction

23) Most reblogged Author on Tumblr in 2015: John Green

24) Tumblr’s most reblogged Politicians of 2015: Barack Obama

25) Most reblogged Reality star on Tumblr in 2015: Kylie Jenner

26) Most reblogged Models on Tumblr in 2015: Kendall Jenner

27) Most reblogged Actor on Tumblr in 2015: Chris Evans

28)Most reblogged Actress on Tumblr in 2015: Zandaya

29) Most reblogged Athletes on Tumblr in 2015: Serena Williams

30) Most reblogged Band on Tumblr in 2015:5 Seconds of summer

31) Most reblogged Solo Musician on Tumblr in 2015: Taylor Swift

32) Most reblogged Music Album on Tumblr in 2015: Blurryface by Twenty One Pilots

33) Most reblogged Movie on Tumblr in 2015: The Avengers: Age of Ultron

34) Most reblogged Video game on Tumblr in 2015: Pokemon

35) Most reblogged Sports on Tumblr in 2015: Hockey

36) Most reblogged Meme on Tumblr in 2015: Pepe the Frog

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