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14 Surprising Statistics About Small Businesses

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1) The Small Business defines a small business as an enterprise having fewer than 500 employees.

2) 6 out of 10 very small businesses have yet to establish an online presence and get a website.

3) At the same time, spending on digital marketing currently accounts 35% of total marketing budgets.

4) Small businesses account for:

  • 52.6% of all retail sales
  • 46.8% of all wholesale sales
  • 24.8% of all manufacturing sales

5) Small businesses have generated over 65% of the net new jobs since 1995.

6) 39% of all small businesses have been in business for three years or less.

7) 35% feel that their operation is simply too small to warrant a website.

8) 52% of all small businesses are home-based.

9) Over 50% of the working population (120 million individuals) works in a small business

10) That’s mostly because the total number of small businesses has increased by 49% since 1982, and these businesses use a mix of digital and traditional marketing.

11) Even though the worldwide advertising spending is expected to slow down, its growth is still predicted to reach astonishing 12.9% next year, turning the Internet into the largest medium for advertising.

12) It may come as a surprise that 71% of small business owners do their own digital marketing, instead of leaving it to experts.

13) Internet marketing has a good reputation, with 75% of small business owners seeing it as “effective” or “very effective” at attracting new customers.

14) Most small businesses focus on increasing revenue (72%), but they also see a great value in establishing new customer relationships (60%), and marketing and advertising (46%).

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