17 Tantalizing Stats About Salesforce



1) Number of Salesforce customers: 150,000

2) Number of Salesforce employees: 20,000

3) SalesForce’s CRM market share: 19.7%

4) Salesforce revenue for Q1 FY2017: $1.92 billion

5) Percentage of Salesforce revenue that comes from Sales Cloud sales: 41%

6) Percentage of Salesforce revenue that comes from Service Cloud sales: 31%

7) Percentage of Salesforce revenue that comes from App Cloud sales: 18%

8) Percentage of Salesforce revenue that comes from Marketing Cloud sales: 10%

9) Estimated attendance for Dreamforce 2015:170,000

10) Number of downloads from the Salesforce App Exchange: 3 million

11) Number of apps in the Salesforce App Exchange: 2,700 apps

12) Percentage of Salesforce customers that are using apps from the App Exchange: 70%

13) Number of non-profit and higher education organizations using Salesforce: 24,000

14) Salesforce FY 2016 revenue: $6.67 billion

15) Salesforce FY 2015 revenue: $5.3 billion

16) Salesforce FY 2014 revenue: $4 billion

17) Salesforce FY 2013 revenue: $3 billion

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