Google launches click-to-message ads on Google Search

image from dsim

Google roll out a new ad extension that connects advertisers directly with users over SMS through ads in Google Search.

The purpose of introduction this ad extension is to let the prospective users to text you. This new ad extension will be similar to “call ad buttons”, for sending SMS or text messages to the advertiser.

Here is a screen shot showing the message icon in the AdWords ad unit:

image from dsim

On clicking the text messaging icon, it will consent the user to text the company that is advertising on AdWords. When users click the icon, it opens their default messaging app. It prefills the text message with the advertiser’s information.

Here is another screen shot of the ad unit: 

image from dsim

Google is now testing this tool and will keep updating as and when the tool gets live, which should be by the end of this year.

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