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Google Transforms Adwords Price Extension Format to Swipeable Cards

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Google is bringing the swipeable carousel cards to the AdWords snippets. The price extensions were enabled for advertisers in July so that they can display information related to the costs of services and products in mobile text ads.

The standard format for price extensions is changed to swipeable card format. Earlier, the format used to be in the list form.

Google said in the statement on Google+  “In the coming weeks, price extensions will begin showing as swipeable cards, making it easier for people to compare more options when deciding what to buy.”

image from dsim

In addition to the new format, it will be rolling out in 10 different languages and 24 currencies. The additional languages are Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portugese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish.

Advertisers have to select an appropriate header while setting up price extensions in the Ad extensions tab of web interface. The relevant heading can include service tiers, service categories, services, product tiers, product categories, neighborhoods, locations, events and brands.

Google also said that “People will be able to swipe through up to 8 cards – an increase from the previous 3-row format. Each card features a type of product or service, its description and price, and a link to a relevant landing page. In early testing, the interactive format and additional cards have helped advertisers drive more qualified clicks and better ad performance”.

“With this new, swipeable format, you’ll still only be charged for clicks to your website and other ad extensions“.

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