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‘Everyone who engaged with your page’ added to Facebook’s Custom Audience


Facebook rolls out a new option for targeting custom audience. Now everyone who gets engaged with your page will be added to your custom audience list.

While creating such an audience, you need to choose that what kind of engagement you want to use for creating this audience. The engagement audience allows you to reach people with whom you have interacted with your content on Facebook platform earlier. It can be related to video, lead ad, canvas and page.


With the video option a list of people will be popped up who have spent time watching your videos. Similarly a list of viewers will be created related to lead ad, canvas or page. All those users who engaged with your page’s content or advertisements will be included in the custom audience.  This way there will be an increase in engagement of people on your page.

The advertisers can now create audience of such users who were connected to the page in several ways up to a year prior.

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