14 PayPal Statistics That Users Need To Know



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1) Total number of active PayPal accounts: 192 million users

2) Number of active merchant account on PayPal: 15 million

3) Number of PayPal OneTouch registered users: 32 million

4) Percentage of PayPal users that use OneTouch: 17%

5) Number of merchants that use PayPal OneTouch: 4 million

6) PayPal projected revenue for 2016: $10.780-$10.850 billion

7) Number of payments processed through PayPal in 2015: 4.9 billion payments

8) Number of payments processed through PayPal in 2014: 4 billion payments

9) Average number of annual transactions per active PayPal account: 29

10) Number of currencies PayPal is available: 25 currencies

11) Number of markets that PayPal is available: 203 markets

12) Average number of weekly PayPal OneTouch transactions: 1.5 million

13) Number of PayPal Employees: 15,800

14) PayPal Launched: December 1998

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