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Digital Marketing Tool of the week: ‘TweetDis’

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‘’TweetDis’ is a simple WordPress Plugin that helps you create tweetable quotes, making your readers tweet more often.


How it works?

TweetDis is a WordPress plugin that shows a floating “call-to-action” above the piece of text you choose. You can put these calls to actions in your article and enthuse your readers to tweet that particular phrase if it deserves to get tweeted.


What you can give to your readers?

This plugin helps you bring something good for your readers and makes them tweet your content. You can bring upon

  • A quote
  • A take away
  • A catchy phrase
  • A smart idea
  • A statistic

What it has?

There are specific features that make TweetDis one of the best options for creating tweetable quotes. It helps you know how to increase traffic from twitter. It looks perfect on any device and with fully customizable design, you can effortlessly place any bit of text into tweet-box or empower floating calls-to-action buttons to lure consideration to your notions.

Benefits & Features

  • Great Designs ( For Tweet Box, Tweet Hint, Tweet Image)
  • Ease of Use
  • Configure settings as per your own preferences
  • Can mention your twitter username in every tweet
  • Can add custom text/hashtags to the tweets
  • Can shorten links via Bit.ly
  • Allows to add custom link to each tweet-box
  • Mobile-friendly


Paid/ 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

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