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Facebook Expands Access to Automated Video Caption Tool

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Facebook released a new tool for auto-captioning video ads last year in February and the feature will now be expanded beyond ads by giving access to all Pages; to use automated captions for any video they post.

The tool is further extended because it was seen that the view time of captioned video ads increased by an average of 12%.
The automated captions are added to video ad content by utilizing the evolving audio recognition capacity.

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Access to the automated captions tool will be available in the settings section. To use this on Facebook page, click on the ‘Publishing Tools’ tab and from there select a ‘Video Library’ option from the left side of the bar.

And, there you will see a list of all your videos and when you select one then, it will prompt you to ‘Edit Video’. Once you click on this option, then you will see a settings screen for that particular video and you can select the ‘Captions’ tab from there. Users will also find an option for auto generating video captions.

Facebook also provides Page admins with a review option, prior to saving and posting the video for editing the captions section-by-section.

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The feature is expected to develop with time as the social network continues to upgrade its audio recognition tools.

The extended helpful tool is worth giving a try to get better results as it is free and convenient in use. And, it will be rolled out to all the users soon.

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