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WhatsApp Adds GIF Search,Triples Image Sharing Limit

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On January 11, 2017, WhatsApp introduced two new features: Ability to search for GIF files and Raised the image sharing limit from 10 to 30.

In November last year, GIF support was introduced within the app. Initially, only iOS users were able to access it but later on in December all the Android users got the access.

Both the two new features are available via WhatsApp beta v2.176 for android as of now. The new updated features can be found on web and used in chat conversions.

Now, the users can directly search for GIF files within the app and share the files with other users. To send GIFs while chatting with friends you need to click on the GIF icon which appears at the bottom when you tap on the emoji button.

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The limit of sharing 10 photos at a time has been increased to 30. This change will make it easier to share images in bulk on WhatsApp.

The updated features will be officially launched to all the versions soon. If you want share GIFs and more than 10 images with your friends now, then use WhatsApp beta version.

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