10 Tools That Will Improve Your Mobile Customer Experience

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With the whole world going mobile, a unified mobile experience from browsing to buying is necessary to retain customers and rip bounce rates.

Customer experience is one of the hottest topics in the business field today. It is the sum of experiences that people have during the whole relationship with a given product/service.

There are a lot of ways to offer customer support and enhance customer experience through mobile solutions. Today, we have brought 10 tools that will help you understand your customers better and optimize their experience on your mobile: Take a look!

#1 Zendesk

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  • This tool brings all your mobile communication channels together at one even, streamlined place.
  • It allows businesses to be more reliable, flexible and accessible by sifting through massive amounts of customer data.
Features & Benefits
  • Multi-channel support: email, web, phone, chat, social media
  • Answer customer phone calls and get a detailed document of all calls.
  • Flexible ticket management with automated workflow.
  • Provide real-time customer support with live chatting.
  • Customize your Zendesk experience to match your brand’s look and feel.
  • Supports over 350 apps and offers weekly updates.
  • Guarantee customer satisfaction with an automated support system

Free trial (30-days)/ Paid

#2 Flint

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Flint combines various payment and customer marketing tools into one app. This software offers mobile pay option for both in-store and online purchases.

Features & Benefits
  • Lower rate for debit payments (1.95%) vs. credit payments (2.95%).
  • Easy & Secure Credit Card Scanning
  • Create and Send Custom Invoices
  • Add a ‘Buy Now’ link to your mobile app, social media or website.
  • Compatible with iOS and Android.
  • Track your business’ transactions on your mobile.

Free Trial (30-days)/ Paid

#3 TextMagic

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TextMagic is not only good for businesses; it’s good for customers too. As it is a simple and powerful solution for better customer support.

Features & Benefits
  • SMS Distribution Lists.
  • SMS messages to over 200 countries.
  • Two-Way Chat allows you to both send and receives messages from your customers.
  • Dozens of free tools and an informative blog.
  • Contract free pre-paid SMS messaging service- fits all business size budgets.
  • Easy conversion of email into text messages.

Free/ Paid

#4 Cirrus Insight

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Cirrus Insight is a CRM application that allows your team to see where and when customer emails are being read and their level of engagement.

Features & Benefits
  • Save emails and attachments directly to Salesforce
  • Automatically view customer context and insights from your Gmail inbox
  • Receive real-time alerts about email tracking
  • Send up to 500 customized emails at once
  • Quickly send follow-up emails to boost customer service feedback
  • Great customer support by email and phone

Free/ Paid

#5 Join.me

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Join.me is an online meeting and conferencing tool used by businesses and organizations to connect online for various purposes.

Features & Benefits
  • Join a meeting from the internet or a telephone line in over 40 countries
  • Record meetings to share with others and store in the cloud for easy reference
  • View live video bubbles of your customer during conference calls
  • Hand over presenter role to any participant, allowing them to broadcast their own screen
  • Administer your our own custom link for meetings
  • Personalize the background to appeal to all types of customer meetings
  • Share mouse and screen controls

Free/ Paid

#6 Medallia

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Medallia is an Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) and cloud-based SaaS platform that captures customer information and feedback across a variety of media channels.

Features & Benefits
  • Act on customer insights to provide a more engaged customer experience
  • Get feedback from customers directly and through social media
  • Recover customers at risk
  • Drive online reviews and testimonials
  • Create transparency with one system for the whole company
  • Identify and fix problem areas


#7 Clicktale

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Clicktale is a customer experience analytics platform that tracks customer behavior enabling businesses to have a unique insight into clients’ online behavior.

Features & Benefits
  • Increase your conversion rates using mobile heatmaps to gain an understanding of customer behavior
  • Optimize your online presence with a series of usability tests
  • Monitor live browsing behavior
  • Improve customer engagement by tracking every touchpoint and digital conversion
  • Network more effectively by pinpointing consumer habits


#8 Adobe Experience Manager

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Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is an enterprise-grade web content management system that organizes prospect data in one place for better customer success.

Features & Benefits
  • Integrate an E-commerce system that will maintain a variety of data analytics
  • Create and store content from all areas of your organization
  • Customize segments of your website to ensure a unique display
  • Increase upsells by making content available to your projected audience
  • Develop a wide range of digital assets that can be easily pulled at any time
  • Build, share and deploy content from the same place
  • Quickly launch personalized experiences across multiple channels


#9 DudaMobile

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DudaMobile is an online DIY mobile website creator that allows you to create and design your business’ mobile website.

Features & Benefits
  • Website will look different to each customer based on their location and past interactions with your business.
  • Drag-and-drop interface allows you to build your website in record time
  • A variety of templates, color palettes, backgrounds and font styles
  • Flat UI design is a new web design and has proven to bring up conversion numbers

Free/ Paid

#10 Aria Systems

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Aria Systems is recurring revenue software that helps businesses understand and engage with prospects while maximizing customer satisfaction and lifetime value.

Features & Benefits
  • Increase customer acquisition and retention by optimizing revenue moments
  • Maximize lifetime value with high retention rates and upselling
  • Manage and automate recurring revenue easily
  • Turn customer-facing events into measurable revenue
  • Personalize each customer’s buying experience to create the best understanding and engagement



  • If you’re just launching your mobile marketing campaign and looking to make the most of on your existing mobile platform, these tools will help you offer better customer experience.
  • A Better Customer Experience = Increased ROI, Increased Revenues and Increased Loyalty.

Leverage these customer support tools to improve your customer service strategy.

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